Social CRM

CRM and social media – enhancing customer communication with "Social CRM"

Social CRM has become a popular term, and the idea behind it is becoming more and more important in customer communications management. The term refers to the expansion of classical customer relationship management (CRM) to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or XING in order to build, maintain, and improve customer relationships. But Social CRM is not just about having digital conversations with customers, but instead it is about offering added value.

Social CRM from the point of view of marketing

From the point of view of marketing, Social CRM is an ideal addition to other marketing channels. At the end of the day it is not only important to acquire new customers or to have many loyal customers – a business is often also interested in having customers that act as ambassadors. This means that people who are convinced of certain products and services are more likely going to recommend them to family, friends, and relatives. The people who further advertise a company’s products and services can therefore even be seen as the best free marketing tools.

Adding quality to customer relationships with Social CRM

Customer channels have to be identified before a business can build and manage its customer relationships via social networks. Once this has been done, businesses can fully benefit from Social CRM. Nowadays customers tend to use the social networks to share a lot of information about themselves and talk about their interests on e.g. Facebook and Twitter. The challenge that businesses face today is how to gather and use this information for future communication.

The importance of social media monitoring

In the area of Social CRM, continuous monitoring has been proven to be of great importance: what would your customers like to see in your products and services? Where might they be unsatisfied? And where does the competition score points in certain target groups? Anyone who wants to develop a sense of what their customers really want, should not disregard social network analysis.

Integrated Social CRM – social media for holistic customer loyalty

One of the greatest challenges today is ensuring that Social CRM strategies are developed in a way that they can be seamlessly integrated into existing CRM systems. An integrated Social CRM solution has a standardised user interface that prevents any contact request data from being overlooked or forgotten and helps to reduce reaction times when dealing with customers, all of which contributes to sustainable improvements in customer relations.

Using the Social Media Integration from CAS genesisWorld, information sources (for example from Facebook, XING, or Twitter) can be used to add any missing contact data. In addition, reference databases from address service providers, such as YellowMap check, correct and add addresses according to your requirements. Concerning the current development is certain that the integration of Social CRM into established customer relationship management systems will be unavoidable.