Project management features

A phone conference on Thursday at 15.30 with all project stakeholders ‒ some of whom are abroad and two hours behind. As one of the key project manager, you have no problem rescheduling new appointments including the ones with different time zones. Any changes are immediately sent to all those involved. At 17.30 you can send the results of the conference to all those on the distribution list ‒ perfect time and job management.

How does that work?

Whether you are dealing with large projects with external participants or you are managing smaller tasks within your department: the right CRM solution will help you to control your projects. Tasks and objectives, resources and budgets, risks and milestones from A to Z can all be managed efficiently and effectively. CAS genesisWorld helps you complete your projects on time and to budget.

The functions in detail

Managing projects

With CAS genesisWorld, you can control all your project management processes, from acquisition through to appointment/resource planning and controlling processes.

  • Your project activities such as appointments, meetings, milestones, tasks, documents and caller logs are displayed in a well-structured and clear manner.
  • You are always up-to-date with the project overview (chart) and the project dossier (list).
  • A RAG rating informs you of your project status with red, amber or green.
  • You have a quick overview of tasks that are marked as "to do", "in process" or "urgent".
  • The team planning view, group calendar and project plan help you to see workloads and free resources at all times.

The Project module

With the Project module, projects are planned and safely put into practice.

The optional Project module integrates project management with structure and resource planning. Project controlling ensures time and cost-oriented project management.

  • Starting with your first acquisition appointment, all data, plans and activities are stored in a project data record.
  • You can quickly enter daily/hourly rates for provided services in the CAS genesisWorld product catalog, furthermore they can be complemented with customer prices or reductions and you an also insert service descriptions. With just a few mouseclicks, you can create individual offers using these items.
  • Templates support you with the efficient planning of project phases and working steps.
  • You can enter milestones, appointments, tasks, phone calls, document templates and offers with an estimation of efforts into your project. If you then create an acquisition project, only the required elements are selected and assigned to the employees responsible for these tasks. This makes your work a lot easier as you can adjust your projects during any phase.
  • A freely configurable tree view with an integrated Gantt chart and predecessor/successor dependencies gives you a complete overview of your project. The workload and free resources are also displayed in the view.
  • You can enter expenses, travel costs and external costs on project and job level.
  • You can create daily project reports, additional project and turnover costs and forecasts at any time at the touch of a button.
  • Plans from Microsoft Project® and Open Workbench can be included.
  • The comprehensive project controlling features let you implement your projects in time and to budget and the integrated order processing functionality simplifies the billing process and guarantees up-to-date figures at all times.

The Timeclient online module

  • The Timeclient online module allows you to log work and travel hours, daily expenses, and expense receipts easily over the Internet.
  • The electronic driver's logbook records your mileage and differentiates between private and company cars.
  • All data is directly assigned to appointments, events, projects or customers and can be immediately evaluated.