CRM for the manufacturing industry

The challenge facing all manufacturers is to be flexible enough to react to market changes while at the same time keeping an eye on costs. Modern machinery alone does guarantee competitiveness. What is essential is the ability to provide customers with professional service and support right from the start.

Your CRM software requirements

  • Information from ERP, finance and production can all be managed together.
  • Unparalleled service for longterm customer satisfaction.
  • Save money by saving time.

The benefits

With products becoming increasingly similar, the quality of service has become a decisive factor in ensuring customer satisfaction. Our products help you to create a common knowledge base. Members of staff have instant access to all information regarding customers and products, enabling them to answer all queries quickly and expertly during a call.

CRM software helps to keep everyone in the loop, regardless of their operational level, whether individual members of staff, departments or subsidiaries. Various add-ons such as ERP or accounting software ensure a continuous flow of information.

The software enables you to save time on a daily basis, especially when searching for documents, vacant appointments or addresses. Even field staff are seamlessly integrated into the customer information system. All information that used to be stored separately is now kept in one place, which makes searching for it that much easier and quicker. And as we all know: time is money.

CAS genesisWorld is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your sector. This flexible CRM solution helps you manage customer information throughout your company.

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  • Managing appointments
    The appointment calendar lets you view all appointments, events or holidays. You can choose from three different views: day, week or month. A particularly useful feature is the shared calendar view. Say you want to schedule a meeting for a number of your colleagues. Well, the shared calendar lets you see when they are all available with just a few clicks of your mouse. You can then use the resource calendar to quickly find available rooms, projectors or company cars and add them to appointments.

  • Managing documents
    The CRM solution lets you create and manage different types of documents (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, e-mails, graphic files, etc.) and create templates. Documents are no longer saved locally on different computers. This means employees always have access to current documents, which are centrally maintained and can be accessed by anyone at any time. The search and filter functions can be used to filter and find keywords in documents; for example, subject field or the date a document was created.

  • Project work
    Project-related data records like appointments, tasks, documents or caller logs are saved in the project dossier. The project overview can be displayed as a chart, showing the timeline of all appointments, tasks, and so on. Benefit from the resource and process planning that allows you to keep track of all project phases and steps.

  • Address management
    All addresses are stored centrally. You can sort and display addresses according to different attributes, using additional fields and categories. The address wizard helps you to create an address with just a few clicks of your mouse: unstructured contact information is transformed into well-structured address data records.

  • Mobile access to data
    Particularly in sales, staff must also be able to access information when away from the office: from PCs at home or from smartphones or laptops when on the move. The Mobility module enables you to synchronize data between locations or between laptops and head office. You can also access the central database using a Web browser on your mobile device or laptop.

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