CRM for insurance companies

When it comes to money, trust is essential. Professional services and attractive conditions help banks, insurance companies and non-banking finance companies to establish trusting, long-term relationships with their customers.

Your CRM software requirements

  • Establishing trusting and long-term customer relations.
  • Linking all subsidiaries and departments with one knowledge database.
  • Managing all documents, such as contracts and minutes of meetings.

The benefits

A CRM solution helps you provide your customers with a more professional level of service, because you can instantly access all relevant information at the touch of button. Each and every employee provides customers with the right information and your customers will appreciate your excellent and reliable services.

A wide network of branches, field staff and independent advisors requires a central pool of up-to-date information. By storing your data in one central CRM system, all departments and subsidiaries can access the same information.

Insurance companies have to manage a vast number of forms, contracts, reports and other documents. These documents are stored in a central database and can be accessed by all internal and external staff.  Being able to find information faster means that employees are able to work more efficiently.

CAS genesisWorld is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your sector. This flexible CRM solution helps you manage customer information throughout your company.

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Features at a glance

  • Address management
    Automated processes for address maintenance make work easier for everyone in your company. Using the drag-and-drop feature you can create an address and then, with a click of your mouse, check whether the data is correct or has been duplicated. You can also customize the content and look of input screens and fields to meet your requirements. Furthermore, you can filter addresses according to the content of specific fields, which allows you to target specific groups of customers.
  • Managing documents
    The CRM solution lets you create and manage different types of documents (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, e-mails, graphic files, etc.) and create templates. Documents such as sales meeting minutes are no longer saved locally on different computers. This means employees always have access to current documents, which are centrally maintained. The search and filter functions can be used to filter and find keywords in documents; for example, subject or the date a document was created.
  • Assigning rights
    Whether you want maximum transparency or clearly defined access rights, the choice is yours. Using the professional user and group administration features, you can assign rights to data records and to individual fields. Employees only see the data to which they have access rights. Rights are easy to manage using an intuitive user interface.
  • Opportunities
    The smart "Opportunities" feature lets you keep a constant eye on potential customers and manage your leads: from initial contact to the closure of sale. The automatic notification and action service, for example, reminds you about upcoming birthdays and notifies when an appointment is rescheduled. You can also generate forecasts and reports.
  • Mobile data
    Your field sales force needs to be able to access information when away from the office: from PCs at home or from smartphones or laptops when on the move. To cater for individual needs, the Mobility module enables your sales force to synchronize data between their home PCs, laptops or smartphones and the main system at your head office. Your sales force can access the central database directly via the Internet browser on their smartphones or laptops - which means they are fully involved in all your work processes.
  • Managing tasks
    The CRM solution lets you effortlessly manage your tasks. You can delegate and monitor tasks and once they have been completed, you can then create follow-ups. The sophisticated filter allows you to sort and display tasks by due date, person responsible, and so on. And the reminder feature notifies you when a deadline is coming up.

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