Features Management

You make two important decisions that benefit your business ‒ and these weren't based on a gut feeling, but on up-to-date analyses and reports, a fully functional early warning system, and accurate forecasts.

How does that work?

CAS genesisWorld helps you with real-time support to manage your business. The CAS genesisWorld dashboard shows data from the complete database that is relevant to you - and nothing more.

The functions in detail

The management dashboard

The management dashboard gives you a quick overview on current company figures.

Start your workday well-informed by taking a glance at the management dashboard which opens when you start your CRM software.

  • Dashboards display an individual overview of information. Be it current projects, won opportunities or current reports about turnover figures – the management dashboard shows you exactly the information you need to see.
  • The aggregated view in a dashboard analyzes data records and the results are displayed as table, chart or RAG rating.
  • The charts are interactive. With just one click on a segment, you can view all the relevant data displayed in a list under the chart.
  • The dashboard not only displays data records but also links. In this way, you can see your project and the "Milestone 1" appointment with linked tasks and logs.

Analyses and forecasts with reports

CAS genesisWorld helps you to easily create reports of all kinds. You can evaluate data records from the entire data stock and display them as report, from a task to an opportunity data record.

  • With context-sensitive report templates, you can work with the template that meets your requirements.
  • With the preview function, reports can be checked, corrected and also be stored.
  • You can schedule analyses to be carried out automatically at specific times, saved, and sent to selected employees.

The Report module

  • With the CAS genesisWorld optional Report module, you will have many intelligent business features to help you out. Flexible filter functions and groupings let you execute multidimensional, highly complex analyses in real-time.
  • With drilldown reporting, you can analyze your data down to field level. The linked data records such as expenses or time recording can also be included in the analysis.
  • You can display single number fields or linked data records as sum, minimum, maximum or average value.
  • With customized report templates you can create ad-hoc analyses.
  • All results are available to you as RTF, Microsoft Excel® and PDF files. Easy export functions support you in further processing data in other systems, such as Microsoft Access® or Business Intelligence tools like the Crystal Reports Designer. With that, you can display evaluations, adapt and enhance them.
  • You can display all reports in the dashboard view of the CRM software.