Implementing CRM

In order for a CRM strategy to be successful, it needs to be implemented systematically. This is where the CAS Project Method comes in: clearly defined steps ensure your project is executed quickly and effectively and means that you will be reaping the rewards in no time. The CAS Project Method highlights the following factors as being key to a successful CRM implementation project:

  • Senior managers need to fully support the implementation of CRM
  • All employees need to be informed about and involved in the CRM project from day one
  • All those responsible from all areas of the company need to be fully involved
  • All areas of responsibility need to be clearly defined
  • All corporate processes must be clearly defined
  • Step-by-step implementation of CRM by department or by function

Bring everyone on board
Bring on board as early as possible all those who have been involved in the relevant CRM processes up to now. This way you ensure that your CRM project benefits from all available CRM expertise and knowledge. As well as the CRM project manager, you will need to include the head of IT and key users from various departments such as sales (office and field), marketing and customer service.

A method to management
To ensure your CRM implementation project runs smoothly from day one, all areas of your company are analyzed in advance – and the project's goals defined and communicated. As part of the CAS Method project methodology, devised by CAS CRM, each area of your company is analyzed during a workshop. In addition to the organizational and process-relevant workflows, we will also closely examine your existing IT environment. All key processes are incorporated into the project right from the start. This ensures the successful, step-by-step deployment of the CRM solution.