CRM: three letters for success

CAS genesisWorld: the powerful CRM solution

What makes a company successful? The brains behind the business, customer centricity, motivated staff. And all that with a unique idea: CRM and the right CRM solution. Imagine what you could achieve if your CRM software also had a brain.

CAS genesisWorld is the complete customer relationship management solution. It's so flexible that it can be tailored precisely to your needs and so powerful that you can get started straightaway CAS genesisWorld can be seamlessly extended as your business expands. A range of smart modules and interfaces means that there is a solution for every requirement.
CRM means that you can concentrate on your core businesses, while CAS genesisWorld deals with your processes.

  • Centrally stored, up-to-date information and streamlined processes. All information is available to everyone.
  • Central access to data streamlines your sales processes, leaving you more time to spend on your customers.
  • Precisely targeted marketing campaigns every time. Better aim, for better results.
  • Excellent customer service thanks to the high quality of information available. Customers can sense your smile over the phone.
  • Managers in control at all times thanks to instant reports and up-to-the-minute analysis enabling them to respond to changes in time.


Configure your individual dashboard for quick access to all relevant information.


Access all your information on your customers and prospects, and contact them directly from within the address view.

CAS genesisWorld Web

With the CAS genesisWorld Web, you can access all your CRM data, such as contacts, opportunities and documents.


Switch flexibly between different calendar views, for example, your own or the shared team calendar view.


Use maps for clear, geographical data analyses.

CAS genesisWorld app

You can download CAS genesisWorld in the smart flat design from the Windows App Store.

Intuitive handling of CAS genesisWorld with CAS SmartDesign®

The SmartDesign® technology of CAS genesisWorld ensures intuitive usability on all devices – whether desktop, tablet or smartphone. Access your data anytime and anywhere and keep your customers in focus. In the CAS CRM system you will find apps for countless cases – contact management, document management, reports and many other applications are available to you.

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