Ten good reasons
for CAS genesisWorld

  1. An extensive range of standard features
    CAS genesisWorld has all the key features that small and medium-sized enterprises need to manage their customer relationships more successfully. It supports processes throughout your company.

  2. Flexible and customizable
    CAS genesisWorld grows with your company. It is designed as a flexible core solution that can be tailored to support your business processes from day one. All changes can be made quickly and easily – from the graphical user interface to the structure of the database.

  3. A sophisticated rights system
    Each employee can only view the data that he or she is allowed to see. This is made possible through a sophisticated rights system. The software's user, group and role administration features, allow you to manage rights down to the individual field level.

  4. Mobility
    No matter whether you're in the office, on the road or working from home, you will always have instant access to the latest information ‒ either on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  5. Interaction with other applications
    As the control center of your customer relationship management operations, CAS genesisWorld builds bridges between isolated software programs and ensures that all CRM information flows into a central database. The CRM solution offers numerous interfaces to third party systems.

  6. Proven innovative technology
    With a modular design and client-server architecture CAS genesisWorld can be adapted to any size of company and can be extended as your business expands. We are continually testing and improving CAS genesisWorld. Quality control starts in the planning and development phases and continues right up to the product's release.

  7. A multiple award-winning product
    Numerous awards and certifications highlight our continued commitment to product development. We are also particularly proud of the fact that some of our customers have won the CRM Best Practice Award.

  8. An established SME vendor
    Since 1986, we have been focusing all our efforts on designing and developing software that helps small and medium-sized enterprises become more successful. We are the leading German provider of customer relationship management and information management solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. So why not benefit from our experience?

  9. A clear SME focus
    We have one target group: small and medium-sized enterprises. We are ourselves an SME and from experience know what the requirements of an SME are. We speak our customers' language.

  10. A network of certified partners
    Our over 200 professional partners in 40 countries will gladly provide you with expert advice and assistance with your CRM deployment project. All CAS Partners at a glance.