CAS Research – features

  • Precise project management
    With CAS Research, you can plan and control your research projects and keep them on track. Include risks, phases, milestones and targets, tasks and resources right from the start. Times, external expenses and labor and travel costs are entered and compared to the budget. The project status, ad-hoc analyses and an early warning system allow you to keep your projects well on track at all times.
  • Complete control of your budget
    You can record times, expenses and external services, including estimate to complete figures with hourly rates, and thereby differentiate between partner and project data. With detailed analyses of your data, you are always kept up-to-date with the current project status. Managing projects becomes easier and more efficient, and billing for consulting services is simplified.
  • Centrally stored data
    Your information is saved in one database which makes it easy to access all documents and project partner data for different project team members. Employees profit from this transparency, which gives them an overview of current project members, project contents and the current project status. Experience gained in former projects can therefore easily be transferred to and used for new projects.
  • Event management
    With CAS Research, you can plan events without any effort, from scheduling appointments through to the final follow-up. Use our solution to create invitations, book rooms and resources, administer logons, create participants lists, name labels and bills. Define filter criteria for the address search to ensure that invitations are sent to the right recipient. Various templates are available for custom letters and mailings that allow you to address customers and partners in a target-oriented manner.
  • Teamwork with more time to spend on key tasks
    Your teams benefit from the centrally stored data when working together across different departments, faculties, institutes and locations. Networks with participants from different areas are efficiently supported with their team coordination, task management, content management and project work.
  • Electronic customer and partner dossiers
    The customer dossier helps you to keep track of information about individual contacts - all employees are informed about ongoing projects and know which colleagues are responsible for each project. Appointments, tasks, call notes, correspondence and opportunities are displayed in a well-structured manner and sorted chronologically. Individual access rights and user-sensitive address data ensure the secure management of information.
  • Successful acquisition
    Information about customers and partners forms the basis of a successful project acquisition and helps you with the selection of partners and experts that are compatible to your organization's culture. CAS Research helps you to organize a transparent, efficient and successful acquisition process.
  • Mobility
    No matter whether your employees are in the office, visiting customers or working from home, through replication and online access, CAS Research ensures that your people have direct access to up-to-date information at all times. Not only can your employees view this information, they can also edit it.