CRM for the food industry

The food industry has to deliver high quality standards at the best possible price. Constantly increasing market demands require standardized processes and that company processes from purchasing to production and sales all run smoothly.

Your CRM software requirements

  • Standardized processes for optimal costs efficiency.
  • Provide sales with mobile access to centrally stored data.
  • Enable the seamless integration of third-party systems with one user interface.

The benefits

CRM solutions help to create standardized and clearly defined processes. All information that used to be stored separately is now kept in one place, which makes searching for it that much easier and quicker. This saves your company time and money.

Your sales staff benefit from centrally stored information. Your sales team is always well informed and can access the in-house database directly from their mobile devices.

Various interfaces with other systems, such as ERP systems or industry solutions, enable the CRM software to integrate smoothly with your existing system landscape.

CAS genesisWorld is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your sector. This flexible CRM solution helps you manage customer information throughout your company.

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Features at a glance

  • Dashboard/navigator
    Boot up your computer in the morning and view all your to-dos instantly in the customizable dashboard. You can customize your own home page to display today's tasks, appointments, and so on, and create customized navigators that filter and display data records by specific criteria.
  • Managing tasks
    The CRM solution lets you effortlessly manage your tasks. You can delegate and monitor tasks and once they have been completed, you can then create follow-ups. The sophisticated filter allows you to sort and display tasks by due date, person responsible, and so on. And the reminder feature notifies you when a deadline is coming up.
  • Appointments
    The appointment calendar lets you view all appointments, events or holidays. You can choose from three different views: day, week or month. A particularly useful feature is the shared calendar view. Say you want to schedule a meeting for a number of your colleagues. Well, the shared calendar lets you see when they are all available with just a few clicks of your mouse. Use the resource calendar to quickly find available meeting rooms, projectors or company cars and add them to appointments.
  • Managing documents
    The CRM solution lets you create and manage different types of documents (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, e-mails, graphic files, etc.) and create templates. Documents are no longer saved locally on different computers. This means employees always have access to current documents, which are centrally maintained and can be accessed by anyone at any time. The search and filter functions can be used to filter and find keywords in documents; for example, subject field or the date a document was created.
  • Mobile access to data
    Particularly in sales, staff must also be able to access information when away from the office: from PCs at home or from smartphones or laptops when on the move. The Mobility module enables you to synchronize data between locations or between laptops and head office. You can also access the central database using a Web browser on your mobile device or laptop.
  • Intranet and information portal
    The information portal connects all employees across all departments. All the latest information is posted on the notice board (news, adverts, questions, etc), creating an ideal flow of information within the company. The portal can also be used as an extranet - a communication and information platform for business partners, customers and retailers.

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