Product Overview

Improved customer retention helps to make subsequent business more profitable.

Our CRM solutions optimize and support all of your business processes - from sales and marketing through to service, helpdesk and management. All of the functions in our products are firmly focused on establishing and maintaining sustainable customer relationships.

Regardless of whether for SMEs, for small businesses, or for a special sector - we have got the right CRM software for your company. The 520,000 users that work with our products on a daily basis are proof of that.

A high performance CRM core solution

As the leading CRM solutions provider for SMEs, we offer a variety of well-developed functions that due to their modularity and customizable extensions, can be configured to exactly suit your needs. CAS genesisWorld supports central company functions as well as the specialized requirements of individual areas and departments.

  • Central data management
  • User friendly and efficient
  • Numerous interfaces
  • Flexible technology
  • Modular construction - can be extended at any time

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CRM Industry Solutions

CAS industry solutions – professional CRM solutions tailored to your requirements.

CRM systems – A short explanation

In order to manage customer relationships, companies often rely on software. "CRM system" is the term that describes the combination of information technologies (i.e. software) and customer relationship management. A CRM system typically supports all departments such as marketing, customer service, and sales in managing customer data.

Advantages of a CRM system

When implementing a CRM system in your business and introducing CRM processes in all relevant departments, you can benefit from several advantages:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Easy customer data management
  • No duplicate data sets
  • Real-time data editing

Implementing a CRM system

It is important to systematically implement the CRM system of your choice. Using a CRM system is and should be much more than just registering customers in a database and keeping contact data up to date. When e.g. analysing data and information flow in marketing and sales, the goal is to recognise customer needs and then to react accordingly. Strategically implementing a CRM system and the necessary business processes is therefore the first step of successful customer relationship management.