Service and support features

An angry customer calls your company. Customer complaints are a common occurrence.

With CRM software, you know how to regain the trust of your customers if misunderstandings occurred. You immediately take care of the order and the customer happily increases his next order thanks to the fast reaction. This brings you one click closer to perfect customer management.

How does that work?

Handling complaints professionally is as important as quick order processing. Here is where CAS genesisWorld really shines: centrally stored information. The moment you enter a customer's complaint into the system, all those who deal with this customer are instantly notified. In addition to complaints, your CRM software also archives support and maintainance cases. This archived information can provide essential additional support by being included in a FAQ database. The main aim is to be able to provide the customer with professional service and support at all times, which can only be achieved when all those involved are kept in the loop.

The functions in detail

Helpdesk module

With the Helpdesk module, you can offer your services much quicker and for each customer individually; your own work is made easier as you can log and process support requests quickly and efficiently. Forgotten entries and unclear processes are a thing of the past.

  • With the Helpdesk module, you can see which products a customer uses and you also have an overview of any special arrangements made with each individual customer.
  • The system supports you with trouble ticket pools and supports automatic processes for ticket transfer. With a rule-based notification service you can send internal or external messages.
  • With the automatic time recording function, you have full control over your service costs. You can automatically record the processing times or material you have used, but also record it manually.
  • In an overview of each customer's trouble tickets, you can see the services a customer has required and you can regularly adapt the coverage of the corresponding costs.
  • The edited trouble tickets are saved in an FAQ database referring to the concerned product or functional area. Your support colleagues can then access FAQ documents and easily search them for relevant information.
  • You can comprise several working steps in one ticket action: From accepting a new ticket, to passing on the ticket to responsible processors through to closing the ticket.

Helpdesk online

  • Helpdesk online helps your customers to directly enter requests and support cases in the online portal. Further processing can be done immediately using the Helpdesk tool.
  • The user has an overview of his or her tasks and their current status.
  • All users can benefit from the FAQ search and also files can be downloaded via the FAQ database. You enter the contents for the FAQ database in CAS genesisWorld.
  • By entering the tickets online, workflows are standardized and routine tasks are reduced.
  • Your customers can access the FAQ database at any time benefitting from the large information pool which also helps your employees who do not have to answer recurring questions.