CAS Consulting – features

  • Customer dossier
    The customer dossier is at the heart of every professional consultation. It gives you comprehensive information about the client: projects, appointments, correspondence, phone calls and bills. You can access all information with just one click. All data is clearly displayed and can always be accessed by all authorized personnel. Individual access rights allow you to control who can access which information.
  • Smart address management
    Automated address maintenance makes work easier for all your staff – from creating and maintaining addresses to entering new leads. Using the drag-and-drop feature you can create an address and then, with a click of your mouse, check whether the data is correct or has been duplicated. You can merge duplicates at the touch of a button, and the program will automatically notify you if any of the information entered is incorrect, missing or inconsistent. You can also enhance your address data with information from external reference databases.
  • Use opportunities to boost your sales
    The Opportunity data records enable you to keep track of ongoing acquisitions and identify potential leads. The automatic notification and action service keeps you regularly informed about events such as your leads' birthdays or rescheduled appointments. You can create sales forecasts and report with just a click of your mouse. Using this smart CRM solution, your entire sales process will become more transparent and efficient.
  • Planning and executing projects
    CAS Consulting helps you plan and execute your consulting projects. You can set targets, risks, phases, milestones, tasks and resources. You can also enter working hours, expenses and third-party services and compare them with your budget, and then generate reports automatically with just a click of your mouse.
  • Monitoring and controlling projects
    Being able to assign working hours to a project is essential for effectively monitoring and controlling projects. CAS Consulting lets you record working hours, expenses and external service costs accurately, no matter where you are. You can include budget and material costs and enter details of hourly rates and estimate-to-complete figures. Daily status reports keep you regularly informed as to the status of your project and ERP-system integration lets you calculate the costs of your project at the touch of a button.
  • Managing appointments
    The calendar lets you view all your appointments, events and holidays. You can choose from three different views: daily, weekly or monthly. A particularly useful feature is the shared calendar view. Say you want to schedule a meeting for a number of your colleagues. Well, the shared calendar lets you see when they are all available with just a few clicks of your mouse
  • Effectively resource planning
    CAS Consulting enables you to effortlessly plan and deploy your project team's resources. The Planner view lets you view your project's resources and expenditure, check your employees' workloads, assign tasks to the right people, and avoid clashing appointments and bottlenecks.
  • Management dashboards provide more transparency
    CAS Consulting's management dashboards give your management team an instant overview of all business processes. CAS Consulting displays all key information from all departments in well-structured dashboards. Daily customer profitability reports and sales forecasts provide your management team with a solid foundation for making informed decisions. Clear forecasts and automatically generated accurate reports provide your management team with a reliable overview.
  • Interdepartmental collaboration
    CAS Consulting ensures that all employees have access to the same central database. This makes it easy to schedule appointments, manage tasks and documents, and work together in projects. Your consultants are always kept up to date and well informed, enabling them to provide a professional service at all times. Their day-to-day work is made easier, which leaves them more time for what's really important – their clients.
  • Targeted marketing
    CAS Consulting lets you plan and implement targeted marketing campaigns in no time. The sophisticated search and filter features enable you to find the right people to invite to an event. Furthermore, the convenient analysis feature gives you an instant overview of all your marketing campaigns.
  • Central, secure storage of project documentation
    Central data storage with CAS Consulting gives all project teams access to all documents and customer information. And the sophisticated rights system allows you to control who is able to see which information. The transparent storage of data ensures that all employees have an overview of the current project status and enables them to manage all relevant data.
  • Mobile access at all times
    No matter whether your employees work from home, members of your sales team need to access data from their smartphones or laptops while on the road, or you have offices in different locations ‒ all your staff will always have instant access to up-to-date data: via replication or the Internet. And not only can this data be viewed, it can also be edited. All this means that your employees are always kept up to date wherever they are.