1&1 Internet AG

As one of the leading internet service providers with more than 13 million customers, 1&1 Internet AG offer a wide range of online applications that help a range of customers, be they private, business or self-employed. The company products include Webhosting, high-speed DSL internet access, mobile telephony and Internet based Personal Information Management solutions.

ABACUS Research

Since 1985 ABACUS Research AG offers business standard software for the SME sector. Its software contains solutions with modules for purchase order processing, accounting, service and contract management, e-business, e-commerce, financial management, cost calculating, wage accounting, Human Resources, address management and electronical archiving.

abas Software AG

Since its inception in 1980, ABAS aspires to be a leader in business and technology solutions that provide true value to midsize manufacturing, distribution and service enterprises. We encourage and empower our employees to use their knowledge and creativity to produce smart solutions that help our customers attain success in an ever-changing world. ABAS is committed to product excellence, business leadership, and an open culture, enhanced by a diverse and international community.


askallo GmbH was founded in 2005, and is one of the pioneers of online survey systems used in conjunction with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The depth and comprehensive nature of the askallo application, and its CAS genesisWorld interface enable surveys to be carried out for all kinds of groups, for example: customer surveys, employee surveys and Web site surveys among others, and using a variety of methods, for example: online, via telephone, Face2Face and so on. This flexibility and comprehensive functionality enables its easy integration into company strategy.


Offers smart and efficient communication solutions and services for telecommunication and internet. Modules for Call and Contact Centre, services, internet, customer relationship, messaging and networking enable individual adapting to today’s companies requirements. The tailor-made systems are made for companies of all size and industry sectors.


The German company CleverReach has developed an online application offering users a comprehensive service that can help with the preparation, implementation and analysis of e-mail marketing campaigns. In fact, CleverReach has a comprehensive range of helpful solutons that can help you in all aspects of your e-mail marketing from compiling and maintaining a recipients list, to creating high-value newsletter templates and analyzing your mailings.


DATEV eG is the software house and IT service provider for tax consultants, chartered accountants and lawyers — as well as their SME company clients. DATEV counts among the largest information service providers and software houses in Europe. Their services include areas such as accountancy, personnel management, business consulting, taxes, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), IT security as well as further education and consulting services. Since being founded in 1966, the Nuremberg based cooperative has used its solutions in conjunction with its members to improve the business processes of 2.5 million companies, local authorities, associations and intitutions.

We have been working in partnership with DATEV eG. since 2013.


HaPeC, as strategic partner of Cognos, provides programs and methods for business plans which are used by over 600 costumers. HaPeC products close gaps between IT systems and expand operational programs (ERP) for creating a mutual basis for controlling, reporting and real-time planning.


Is a worldwide market leader for information technology (hardware, software and services) and e-business solutions. IBM is the only IT company which offers the complete product range, from hardware, software and services up to complex applications, outsourcing projects and advanced training.


Inxmail GmbH is one of the leading suppliers for professional e-mail marketing and newsletter campaigns. Its services and the cooperation with worldwide partners ensure highest quality for conception, creation and controlling of newsletter campaigns.


Our gold partners, itdesign GmbH provide independent consulting services and comprehensive software solutions in the areas of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM)


Is a worldwide market leader for software development. The company offers a wide range of products and services. The product line extends includes system software for PCs and networks as well as Internet platforms and developer tools.


Is one of the leading suppliers for visual planning software for developing, structuring and documenting of concepts and ideas. More than 50 percent of the TOP 500 companies use its program MindManager®.


Netviewer allows internet users to watch each other’s screens to discuss and work with any applications (e.g. documents, calculations, diagrams) in real-time. All that without installing any special software or breaking through firewalls. Telephone calls become more descriptive, target orientated and efficient for support, distribution or daily business.


In order to fully benefit from a CRM system high-quality data is needed. With Omikron AdressCenter you can leverage your data to a high CRM level. The extendable software offers for example a check for doublets, postal reassessment or automatic creation of address forms. An import / export module specially tailored for CAS genesisWorld enables easy data transfer. CAS genesisWorld itself offers the monitoring of controlling of the reassessed addresses.

Oracle Corporation

Is one of the leading suppliers for information management software and the second largest independent IT company. Founded in 1977 Oracle offers besides data bases, tools and application software, services, training and support. Oracle Technology is represented in nearly all industry sectors and in 98 companies of "Fortune 100!"-list.

Schober Information Group

Is a leading provider for precise target and market information in Europe. The company offers individual solutions for market development based on consumer, business and geographical databases. Its core competences are CRM, market potentials and the acquisition of new customers.

Sopra Group

The Sopra Group is a leading European IT-services and consulting company, with more than 16,000 employees and with a total profit in 2012 of 1.2 billion Euros. Sopra offers its customers a seamlessly functioning business model thanks to its long-term focus on high performance and deep industry-solution expertise. The goal is ensure that customers have a competitive advantage and stronger growth. Sopra's range of services includes: strategic analysis, implementation of comprehensive software systems and project outsourcing.

Swyx Solution AG

Swyx your business – Swyx Solutions develops communication software specifically tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises. Matching phones and devices complete the product range. Swyx benefits users with all advantages of integrated communications: they can perfectly connect to each other, improve their processes and finally increase productivity. The company, founded in 1999, took the pioneering role in IP communications and is today European market leader in this sector. With a two-tier sales system including distributors and 1,200 authorized resellers, Swyx operates in 24 countries worldwide. The multi-award winning expert for unified communications with its base in Dortmund has also dedicated offices in the UK and France, offering a wide product range together with its partners. Swyx’s products include in-house solutions, but also cloud-based variants. Already 800,000 users rely on Swyx solutions. The company currently employs more than 150 staff who are making sure that Swyx will remain among the leaders of technology and innovation in the IP communications sector.

T-Systems Business Services GmbH

T-Systems is the business costumer brand of the “Deutsche Telekom”. With 52,000 employees it offers integrated ICT solutions from one source. In this case, integration is more than IT plus telecommunications. T-Systems refers to Real ICT because information and communication solutions are thinking integrated directly by developing. CAS Software, as a solution and distribution partner of T-Systems, is developing CRM solutions for T-Systems’ customers, suitable for the needs of small and medium enterprises.

TVG Telefon- und Verzeichnisverlag

Together with the “Deutschen Telekom Medien GmbH”, TVG Verlag is publisher of several print lists of “DasTelefonbuch” (German telephone book) and responsible for the nationwide CD-ROM edition. The product line is completed by add-on modules like an API interface for integrating CRM solutions (e.g. CAS genesisWorld) and services for address management.

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