Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM – The modern way of customer relationship management

Mobile devices have found their way into customer relationship management (CRM), as modern customer care is based on providing information anywhere and anytime. The mobile CRM solutions from CAS Software will help you to meet these expectations.

Mobile solutions by CAS CRM

The mobile CRM solutions consists of the CAS genesisWorld Web Client and the CAS genesisWorld Mobile apps. Both are based on CAS SmartDesign® Technology. With CAS genesisWorld Web you get a client that uses a state-of-the-art operating concept for smartphones, tablets and browsers. The scaling and responsive user interface adapts fluidly to the different display sizes and specific characteristics of all market relevant mobile devices. This paves the way for efficient operation whether by touch, mouse or keyboard. CAS genesisWorld Mobile apps work on all relevant platforms and mobile devices whether you are using iOS, Android or Microsoft Windows.

With the CAS genesisWorld Web Client you will have access to all your CRM data such as contacts, opportunities and documents.

Whether in the office or on the road - you will always be able to provide professional customer care no matter your location.

Regardless of whether you use an iPhone or an iPad, all of your CRM data stored in CAS genesisWorld is available to you in realtime. You can access your customer data, opportunities, projects, phone calls and documents while mobile.

And with the Windows app, CAS genesisWorld is available to you in the smart flat-design for  your phone.

Working with your Android smartphone or tablet you will recognize the familiar user interface immediately.

Overview of mobile CRM solutions

  • CAS genesisWorld Web
    The browser client offers you continuity of look and feel whether you are mobile working or sitting at your desk in the office.

  • CAS genesisWorld Mobile apps:

    • CAS genesisWorld app for iOS
    • CAS genesisWorld app for Android
    • CAS genesisWorld app for Windows

  • Mobile sync enables offline data access to addresses, appointments and tasks.

  • The replication enables data synchronization between mobile PCs and your central system.

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Mobile CRM explained

The term “mobile CRM” describes a form of CRM, in which mobile employees (such as sales people visiting customers) can carry out their daily business regardless of their current location. This means that e.g. sales people can access relevant information during a trip to customers, while meeting customers, and of course at any other place where accessing customer data is necessary.

The key element of mobile CRM is the remote access of the company’s CRM software. Accessing necessary data can be done with smartphones, tablets, and also with PDAs and mobile phones that are connected to the Internet. Depending on the manufacturer, the data is accessed via an app or through a web browser. In order to take advantage of the full potential of mobile CRM, it is necessary to make sure that the user experience of the respective app is optimal and that all relevant features are included.

Advantages of mobile CRM

The most obvious advantage of mobile CRM is that employees in sales, marketing, or customer support are no longer bound to stationary access of e.g. customer contact information. Accessing contact data from the respective database while being on the move is no longer a problem. Another advantage is consistent data storage. As mobile CRM is often based on a cloud CRM solution, all data is edited and saved in real time in a central CRM system, so that problems with duplicate sets of data cannot arise. On top of that, software updates or upgrades only have to be implemented centrally. A third advantage is that customer requests can be processed more quickly. This not only decreases reaction times and makes business processes more efficient, but at the same time increases customer satisfaction.

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