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Access and edit your CRM data ‒ anywhere, anytime

Whether on-site when visiting a customer, in your car or while working from home, with the new mobile solutions from CAS Software AG you can access all of your customer, supplier, appointment or project information at the touch of a button. Employees who travel a lot will save precious time.

CAS genesisWorld Web is a smart Web Client designed for browser working. The state-of-the-art operating concept combines the use of mouse, keyboard and touch operability to take user friendliness to the next level. You have access to all of your CRM data such as contact data, opportunities, documents and phone calls.

With the CAS genesisWorld Web Client:

The new radial menu is a quick and highly-intuitive way to access key actions such as creating appointments and opportunities or displaying the dossier.

  • You can operate the CAS genesisWorld Web Client through any of the common browsers, regardless of whether you are at home, on the road visiting customers or in a hotel.
  • You have full CRM functionality across the areas of contact management, groupware, document management, sales and support.
  • The modern user interface guarantees user friendliness which is characterized by its continuity of look and feel across devices and based on CAS SmartDesign®Technology.

  • Advantages of working with the CAS genesisWorld Web Client:

    • Data access independent of location
    • Easy-to-use operability concept
    • With the app-in-app concept you can adapt your CRM to suit your requirements
    • The tab concept makes parallel working easy

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