CRM for management consulting

  • Structured projects
  • Well-informed consultants
  • Motivated staff
  • Personal access rights
  • Long-term success

CAS Consulting: The powerful CRM solution for management consulting industry

Management consulting firms handle numerous client projects on a daily basis. This involves managing vast amounts of information on companies, their structures and their processes, without losing sight of the objective.

CAS Consulting was designed to meet the needs of management consulting firms. All departments benefit from its sophisticated features: the CRM solution enables your employees to manage their projects more efficiently and give them instant access to the centrally stored information.

More about CRM software for management consulting industry.

  • Confidential: access rights ensure only authorized are able to view client data.
  • Expertise: a central knowledge database supplies knowledge at the touch of a button, making information more valuable than ever.
  • Mobile: consultants have instant, secure access to client data while on the move.
  • Satisfied: so are your employees because they have the information they need at their finger tips.
  • Efficient: thanks to the smart project management features.


The clear and easy-to-use customer dashboard provides consultants with an instant overview of all key-account information.

Project plan

The project plan enables you to plan and control your consulting projects more precisely and more effectively.

Sales funnel

With the sales funnel, you have all opportunities available in one place.

Sales reports

Sales reports immediately show you how viable your clients are.

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