CRM Software for engineers

Engineers have to process projects efficiently as they move from the initial project idea to closing the project. They have to be precise and reliable. CRM solutions help project engineers to be more effective.

Your CRM software requirements

  • Comprehensive project planning and management.
  • Centrally managed customer contact data and project information.
  • Smooth communication with project partners and employees without any loss of information.

The benefits

Engineers plan, manage and optimize their projects in one uniform software package. CAS Engineering, the CRM solution for engineers, maps all your processes from A to Z. Our solution saves you processing time and makes all data available even if you are mobile.

Centrally stored information means you can get the right information to your customers and stakeholders in a matter of seconds: be it a status update or information on invoicing. Your employees will be motivated and always well informed.

CAS Engineering can also produce analyses and reports on turnover, and all at the touch-of-a-button so that your sales team also benefits. The Dashboard provides you with an overview of all forecasts and updates on orders. It all adds up to ensure your company's longterm success.

CAS Engineering is a specially designed CRM solution for engineers and engineering companies. Our tailor-made complete solution provides professional support to engineers in all their project and customer management activities. CAS Engineering was developed on the basis of CAS genesisWorld, which is our multi-award winning CRM solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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Features at a glance

  • Project Management and Controlling
    CAS Engineering works with you to provide planning and management support so that you can apply targeted task management. Project controlling ensures time and cost-oriented project management. All of your project activities such as appointments, meetings, milestones, tasks and documents are all clearly displayed.
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  • The customer dossier
    The customer dossier is at the very heart of customer care. It displays all customer data clearly. All information (e-mails, phone calls, orders including the corresponding documents and receipts) is stored centrally and can be accessed by all authorized personnel, which optimizes all customer communications.
  • Managing appointments
    The calendar lets you view all your appointments, events and holidays. You can choose from three different views: day, week or month. A particularly useful feature is the shared calendar view. Say you want to schedule a meeting for a number of your colleagues. Well, the shared calendar lets you see when they are all available with just a few clicks of your mouse. Resource calendar helps you to manage facilities, projectors or company cars.
  • Competent service
    CAS Engineering applies the principles of simplicity and transparency when organizing service requests. Our solution shows you which product a customer is using, whether they have any individual or special agreements and which service level they have. A trouble ticket system records error reports, controls who is processing the task and informs the project management.
  • Centrally managed documents
    You manage all of your documents in your CRM system, from Microsoft Excel to PDFs as well as any templates. Any transcripts and documents of sales meetings are no longer stored locally on a variety of PCs, but can now be found centrally and available to all.
  • Mobility
    Your CRM system fully involves all of your field staff and integrates them seamlessly into all work processes. Staff can use mobile devices or an Internet explorer to access the central database. The Mobility module synchronizes data between locations or between laptops and your office.

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