CRM for research
and development institutes

For research and development institutes, a sound information and knowledge database is essential. Information structures are required that involve all participants in processes and enable smooth communication between those involved.

Your CRM software requirements

  • Uniform information for transparent project management.
  • A central database encourages synergies that can be put to good use.
  • Reducing administrative duties helps to save both time and money.

The benefits

Project-oriented work means that project team members change and information has to be managed effectively. CRM software allows you to display all of your appointments, meetings or milestones associated with a project. All project employees have an overview of task status, whether completed, in progress or overdue.

It is frequently the case that project work is often characterized as being work intensive. Project teams need to be coordinated, persons responsible assigned and deadlines have to be met – with easy and flexible exchange processes. Use CRM software functions to create workflows which are transparent for all participants. The rights system ensures that everyone gets the information he or she has access rights to.

In research establishments costs are of particular importance. Before investing you have to be sure about the costs and how quickly you can repay the acquisition. Many projects in research and development institutions show that shorter search times and lower costs for data exchange save money and ensure that your investment is secured in the long term.

The industry solution has been developed to meet the special requirements of research and development institutes. CAS Research creates transparency and lets you manage your company's knowledge. The solution was developed on the basis of CAS genesisWorld, the multi-award winning CRM solution for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Features at a glance

  • Dashboard/navigator
    The customizable dashboard provides you with instant access to all key information. Each user has his or her own start page. You can use one of the various default elements or define custom elements, for example, My delegated tasks or My projects. Information is displayed in a well-structured manner which increases transparency.
  • Address management
    All addresses are stored centrally. You can sort and display addresses according to different attributes, using additional fields and categories. The address wizard helps you to create an address with just a few clicks of your mouse: unstructured contact information is transformed into well-structured address data records.
  • Project management
    Project-related data records like appointments, tasks, documents or caller logs are saved in the project dossier. The project overview can be displayed as a chart, showing the timeline of all appointments, tasks, and so on. Benefit from the resource and process planning that allows you to keep track of all project phases and steps.
  • Managing appointments
    The calendar lets you view all your appointments, events and holidays. One glance at the team calendar and you see your colleagues' appointments. This facilitates creating group appointments with the desired participants.
  • Managing documents
    The CRM solution lets you create and manage different types of documents (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, e-mails, graphic files, etc.) and create templates. Documents and templates are easily found and sent.
  • Managing rights
    If project results are to be further processed and made accessible for people with corresponding rights, the rights system is applied. Using the professional user and group administration, you can assign rights to data records down to the field level. Employees only see the data to which they have access rights. Rights are easy to manage using an intuitive user interface.
  • Search functions
    Intelligent search functions enable you to find information fast and easily. Use the advanced search to filter by different fields, for example, all documents that were created by colleague X on day Y.
  • Mobile access
    Many employees must also be able to access information when away from the office: from PCs at home or from smartphones or laptops when on the move. To cater for individual needs, the Mobility module enables your sales force to synchronize data between their home PCs, laptops or smartphones and the main system at your head office. You can also access the central database using a Web browser on your mobile device or laptop.

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