CRM for your sector

You are an expert in your sector – and we are experts in CRM. Working in the CRM business for more than 30 years and developing solutions for many different sectors have made us experts when it comes to tailored-made CRM solutions.

Special CRM Industry solutions

In order to meet the requirements of specific industry sectors, CAS CRM in cooperation with itdesign has developed the following industry solutions.

CRM for management consulting industry

CAS Consulting helps consultants and back-office staff with client management and acquisition, resource planning and project management.

CRM for software providers and IT services

CAS IT Services offers IT companies a tailor-made solution. CAS IT Services supports IT companies in all areas and all departments ‒ from acquisition to customer consultation, from planning projects and providing technical support to software marketing.

CRM for the engineering sector

CAS Engineering the complete CRM solution for the engineering sector. Helps engineers with all aspects of their project development from creating quotes to controlling costs. All business processes are mapped in the software and this enables a 360 degree view of all customers and projects.

CRM for research and scientific institutions

CAS Research helps research and scientific institutes manage projects, plan and organize events, and transfer technology.

Flexibility and scalability

All our CRM solutions can be precisely tailored to meet your exact needs ‒ and are highly scaleable so they can be extended as your business expands. Discover our range of CRM solutions.