Mobile CRM

Future-proof customer management with Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM is the future of customer management: it is particularly useful for sales and service employees who spend most of their time on the road visiting customers, they can now use their mobile devices to access any relevant customer data they might need from the main CRM system. In this way, Mobile CRM helps improve employee productivity and helps to reduce costs by improving the efficiency of company processes. You deal with customer requests quicker which directly improves customer satisfaction. For many companies, Mobile CRM is no longer a trend, but a basic requirement of successful, interconnected working.

Mobile CRM useability way above the current standard

With the Mobility module users have a variety of means at their disposal with which they can access customer and project data regardless of their location. The CAS genesisWorld Mobile apps offer more than the standard functions and are available for all market relevant devices. Data records can be called and edited directly in the system. So for example, you can open customized reports views and reports while you are on the go – in tabular form if you wish (HTML) or as a freely configurable PDF.

Mobile CRM also enables you to compose visit reports, lead surveys or interviews at any time with your mobile device, for example, while still on-site with a customer or while visiting a trade fair. And with live access to opportunities, each employee can catch up on the status of sales potential and product items regardless of their location. Questionnaires can also be used with mobile CRM, this ensures data capture continuity even when out of the office.

CAS genesisWorld drives Mobile CRM

CAS genesisWorld uses innovative developments to drive Mobile CRM forwards: CAS genesisWorld is the first CRM solution to integrate the use of Open Street Map functionality for free. This function enables the visualization of CRM data on digital maps and also proximity searching to make route planning for customer visits easier.

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