The right CRM supplier

For successful CRM projects you need the right CRM solution. The software must right for your requirements and the CRM provider must be right for your company. And of course you want to make the right choice and invest wisely. There are many good reasons why CAS CRM is the right CRM partner – and here are but a few:

  • CAS CRM offers you more than 30 years of CRM experience and expertise for all sizes of company and industries benefit from our CRM experience
  • The right CRM solution for each customer: whether you are looking for a modular standard solution, a Web-based contact manager, or a SaaS CRM platform. We have the right CRM solution for your industry  which one is right for you?
  • Thousands of satisfied customers and countless success stories, confirm our successful cooperations when will it be your turn?
  • Eleven CAS customers have already won the "CRM Best Practice Award" for their exemplary CRM projects we will make you more successful.
  • Numerous awards and prizes such as "European IT Prize", four-time winner of "TOP Innovator" and "Employee of the Year" prove the pedigree of our products and underline our dedication to small and medium-sized enterprises. put your trust in award-winning products.
  • We are involved in many national and international research projects and invest 24 per cent of our annual turnover into the development of new technologies and products you are always up-to-date with our solutions.
  • We come from the background of small and medium-sized enterprises, just like our customers, which means we speak the same language do you want to have your say?
  • We are expanding all the time and are represented internationally in more than 40 countries, predominantly Europe, bring your subsidiaries abroad into the fold.
  • Over 200 certified partners across the world ensure quick CRM deployment and seamless support find a partner near you.
  • Today, we are the German market leader for SMEs, by 2020 we expect to be the xRM supplier for the most successful SMEs in Europe - with us you help decide the leading solutions of the future.