CRM for service providers

Service providers are more reliant on satisfied customers and their recommendations than perhaps any other sector. Because customers are more likely to remain loyal to a provider who best meets their needs.

Your CRM software requirements

  • Impress your customers with targeted consulting to give them the right advice.
  • Quick reaction times with customer calls.
  • Effective management of turnover, costs and limited resources.

The benefits of CRM

Centrally stored data makes company processes more effective. Addresses, tasks, projects and appointments are all at your finger tips. You can update the data at any time and all users can see it.

Every customer is of value to a company. A professional CRM system helps you segment your customers into different groups and then target these groups effectively. This helps you to make realistic quotes that convince your customer.

We can tailor individual solutions that exactly match your requirements through third-party interfaces in CAS genesisWorld. Likewise, integrations with ERP systems, mobile devices or with project management software are easy to realize. All kinds of applications can be easily integrated under one interface.

CAS genesisWorld is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your sector. This flexible CRM solution helps you manage customer information throughout your company.

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Features at a glance

  • Address management
    All addresses are stored centrally. You can sort and display addresses according to different attributes, using additional fields and categories. The address wizard helps you to create an address with just a few clicks of your mouse: unstructured contact information is transformed into well-structured address data records.

  • Central customer dossier
    The customer dossier is at the heart of customer care. It displays all information relevant to a particular customer. Documents, e-mails, phone calls, ERP vouchers, and so on, are stored centrally and can be viewed by all authorized personnel. The customer dossier provides the ideal foundation for giving expert advice over the phone.

  • Managing appointments
    The appointment calendar lets you view all appointments, events or holidays. You can choose from three different views: day, week or month. A particularly useful feature is the shared calendar view. Say you want to schedule a meeting for a number of your colleagues. Well, the shared calendar lets you see when they are all available with just a few clicks of your mouse. You can then use the resource calendar to quickly find available rooms, projectors or company cars and add them to appointments.

  • Managing documents
    Quotes, agreements, newsletters or just day-to-day correspondence – all employees can use the centrally stored document templates to present a unified, professional corporate image to the customer. The CRM solution lets you create and manage different types of documents (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, e-mails, graphic files, etc.). Employees have access to current documents, which are centrally maintained and can be accessed by anyone at any time. The search and filter functions can be used to filter and find keywords in documents; for example, subject field or the date a document was created.

  • Targeted marketing campaigns
    Active marketing with multi-phase campaigns is now easier than ever. Sophisticated filter criteria enable you to clearly define your target groups. For example, you can filter for all customers who used specific services last year and send them new offers. Customer responses are recorded, leads are forwarded directly to the sales department and turnover figures are saved. The smart analysis feature enables you to find out instantly how effective a campaign has been.

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