CAS genesisWorld Clients

CAS genesisWorld helps you to achieve sustainable success in your relationship and information management. The CAS genesisWorld Desktop Client, CAS genesisWorld Web Client and CAS genesisWorld Mobile apps are a joy to work with, providing you with a standardized look and feel across all the user interfaces as well as tremendous flexibility.

CAS genesisWorld Desktop

The CAS genesisWorld Desktop Client provides you with incredible functionality. You can map everything directly on your desktop workstation, from standard functions to complex use cases. The Desktop Client adapts flexibly to suit your specific requirements, guaranteeing you perfectly-coordinated relationship management.



CAS genesisWorld Web Client

CAS genesisWorld Web: First-class process support that makes working in your browser easier than ever. The user interface is based on CAS SmartDesign® Technology offering unique ease of use. Whether in your office or when working from home: with the Web Client you can process your customer data quickly, with ease and flexibility.



CAS genesisWorld Mobile apps

CAS genesisWorld Mobile apps grant you access to your customer data from anywhere. So you can use your CRM data on all market relevant mobile devices and their trusted user interfaces. For example, you can access your calendar, tasks, documents, opportunities and much, much more from your mobile device. No matter where you are, you will still be able to take good care of your customers.