CRM for small and medium-sized

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or businesses (SMBs) are common terms in the business word. What exactly are SMEs? SMEs are defined by their number of employees and the turnover per year. This also means that there is no further differentiation, e.g. by industry sector. SMEs can be found in all types of business areas.

Not only large companies, but also a vast amount of small and medium-sized businesses are part of our economic system. A lot of competition means having to be cost effective and efficient in sales and customer management, therefore more and more companies rely on professional management software, e.g. special software for CRM for small businesses.

How your enterprise can benefit from a “small business CRM”

Small and medium-sized enterprises have to overcome their own special challenges, often having to contend with:

  • a lot of competition,
  • comparable prices,
  • specific customer requirements,
  • price and product transparency driven by the Internet.

CRM is essential for small and medium-sized enterprises. With countless competitors all offering similar products at similar prices, the only way to stand out from the crowd is through efficient and effective customer relationship management. Our CRM solution meets the needs of SMEs. The right implementation of your CRM system is therefore critical for your success. Our professional CRM solution supports you reliably at all times in all areas of your business. Your software has to be as flexible as you are. This also applies to your solution provider whose most important task is to understand you. CAS CRM is the partner of choice for successful CRM implementation.

What to look out for when choosing CRM for your small business

When looking for a CRM for a small business, it is important to make sure it meets all your requirements. If the software’s features meet your requirements exactly, this saves money as you only pay for what you really need. If e.g. your sales management team with direct customer contact relies on mobile devices, mobile CRM may be the right choice for you.

Ideally a CRM for a small business should be customisable, so that you can focus on the relevant functionalities and stay productive. Productivity also benefits from good usability. If your small business CRM is easy to use, your employees in marketing and sales will have no problem with the relevant software features.

A CRM for a small business should also be flexible. Depending on the development of your company, your CRM software should ideally meet new requirements without large software changes. This can e.g. be the case with cloud CRM systems, where the software is made available by a provider. Updates and upgrades are implemented by the provider. On top of that, no local installation is necessary. With an online CRM solution, you can access your CRM system with any device that can connect to the Internet.

Also, make sure that when choosing a CRM system, the provider offers excellent support. CAS Software offers a knowledge database, e-mail and technical support, contact forms, online remote support, and even in-depth training through webinars.

CRM – when is it worth it?