6 easy steps to get you started

Does your company want to use improved customer centricity as a vehicle for success? These 6 steps will help you to optimize your customer centricity:

Step 1: Customer centricity

  • Anchor customer centricity in your company strategy.
  • Get your whole workforce on board.
  • Fill your CRM ideas with life.

Step 2: Contact data

  • Keep your customer data up-to-date.
  • Think in segments and distribution lists.
  • Build a stable foundation for your CRM project by bringing all of your current customer contact data, leads, cooperation partners and suppliers together into one central database.

Step 3: The 360° view

  • Create a 360 degree view of your customers.
  • Save all of your minutes-of-meetings, e-mails, offers, contracts, payment transactions, appointments and complaints in the central customer dossier.
  • Profit from the resulting transparency.

Step 4: The customer relationship

  • Establish healthy customer relationships based on a comprehensive customer profile.
  • React quickly and suitably to customer enquiries.
  • Generate quotes that meet your customers' exact requirements.
  • Remember to follow-up.

Step 5: The customer's response

  • Surprise and impress your customers.
  • Use the right contact methods.
  • Use distribution lists to target the right people in the right way.
  • Plan and implement multi-phase marketing campaigns.

Step 6: Unlock hidden potential

  • Use key facts and figures as well as existing customer knowledge when making decisions about new products, services or marketing campaigns.
  • Identify sales opportunities and then make good use of them.

Practicing CRM is easy

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