Cloud CRM

Cloud Computing – the software solution out of the Cloud

The Cloud motto: easier, quicker and more efficient. Web-based software solutions, especially for smaller companies, are an economical means of bringing your business relations into the premier league. You can effortlessly access your programs via a web browser which can display all of your customer data in real-time.

Cloud CRM explained

Cloud CRM, also known as online CRM, is the combination of customer relationship management and cloud computing. CRM deals with the most valuable asset of your business: the customers. CRM and therefore also cloud CRM does not only support you in all customer related activities such as customer service and managing appointments, but can also be helpful while planning campaigns or identifying sales potentials. Cloud computing is another term for on-demand computing, where resources of any kind are shared in the “cloud”, a network system hosted over the Internet.

It is important to implement processes within the business that go hand in hand with the respective cloud CRM in order to take advantage of the full potential of this kind of software. This applies especially to small and medium-sized businesses with limited budget, as CRM software is usually not for free.

The advantages of cloud CRM

Compared to conventional CRM systems, cloud based CRM has several advantages that are especially interesting for small and medium-sized businesses:

  1. Cloud CRM belongs to the so called “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model. This means that software is made available by a provider. Your business does not need to invest in required hardware, e.g. servers.

  2. Due to hosting in the cloud, no software maintenance such as patches, updates, and upgrades is necessary, making this type of CRM very cost effective.

  3. Subscription models with monthly fees allow for precise investment planning, as large investments concerning software and hardware are not necessary.

  4. With cloud CRM you are no longer bound to in-house server solutions. This is especially a plus for companies that want to have a flexible workplace.

  5. Cloud solutions allow for real-time access and editing of data on any device that can connect to the Internet. This means that no local installation is necessary, data can be accessed via a web browser on e.g. laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Quick access to vital information can help being one step ahead of your competitors. Employees in sales, marketing, and customer service can react accordingly when dealing with customer requests or when planning marketing campaigns. Cloud CRM also enables efficient teamwork, as having up-to-date information wherever it is necessary is essential for collaborative solutions. Regarding all its advantages, cloud based CRM and its features make it an ideal system in times of increasing amounts of data and portable devices.