Features for the whole company

A customer calls, this call could be for reception, or for sales, or even for the Director's personal assistant. As soon as the phone rings, you can see on the screen who is calling, their name and the name of their company. You know when the last customer contact took place and you can answer any questions they have about their open order professionally without having to transfer them and put them on hold.

How does that work?

The CRM software collates all your information together into one central platform. Any new information is automatically assigned to the relevant customer: phone calls, e-mails, appointments, projects, orders, birthdays, favorite colors or anything at all that you decide is important and relevant. In this way, each member of staff contributes towards maintaining a complete, chronological customer dossier and this forms the heart of your CRM software. There is no loss of information.

The functions in detail


The dashboard displays all relevant information at a glance.
  • Your dashboard provides you with a comprehensive and fully customizable view of your CRM software, this is where you can see all of your important information at a glance.
  • In addition, the company dashboard displays information of interest to the whole company.
  • As with navigators, you can save your dashboard view and create as many of them as you wish for whatever you need, for example, a sales dashboard, marketing dashboard and support dashboard.
  • Creating a dashboard is easy. Your staff can use pre-existing elements when creating their own dashboard, for example, my delegated tasks, or upcoming birthdays.

Managing addresses with the social media integration

At the touch-of-a-button, you can call up all the information you have on a contact person.
  • Any unstructured contact information you have is copied into the address wizard and transformed into structured information. After checking for duplicates, the address data is copied directly into the CRM system.
  • Addresses can be managed according to, for example, company addresses or contact persons. Sorting is made easier by using categories, issuing customer numbers and using input wizards.
  • When you are creating a new address data record, a consistency check is carried out, for example, postal code/city/federal state/country or first name/form of address. The CRM software recognizes when something does not fit together and suggests an alternative.
  • In addition, reference databases from address service providers such as YellowMap check, correct and enrich addresses according to your requirements.
  • You can display locations from address data records in the software and then start route planning software.
  • Access to addresses can be restricted to: public access, user-sensitive according to specific participants, or even private.
  • Now, you can complement any missing address information by using the social network integration to access address data on Facebook, Xing or Twitter. You can access social media platforms in real-time using your own logon data.

Customer dossier

The customer dossier contains all your customer data.
  • Customer dossiers provide you with all customer-relevant information.
  • Everything you need to know about your customer can be found in the customer dossier, all entries related to a customer address such as e-mails, appointments, tasks, documents, orders, resource planning receipts, and so on.
  • All of your customer information is stored in a chronological and structured manner, and is available to everyone company-wide - saving you time and money.
  • In the customer dossier, you can create new entries or edit existing entries.
  • As soon as your phone rings, all the information you need is displayed on your screen.

Search data systematically

  • CAS Smart Search - the intelligent search-as-you-type-search function, includes relevance-sorting features and it can also perform fuzzy searches.

  • With the phonetic search, addresses are found easily. So that for example, "Mr. Meyer" from the company "Schmidt & Co." can also be found even if you are searching for "Mr. Maier" of the company "Schmitt & Co.".

Watch our product video to learn more about CAS SmartSearch:
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Phone calls

  • Make phone calls using the telephony integration.
  • When someone calls, either the caller log opens or the respective customer address.
  • Phone numbers that have not been registered in CAS genesisWorld can be cross-referenced with an external address service provider. Addresses from the address look up service can be saved as data records in CAS genesisWorld or be linked to the caller log.
  • Call duration is recorded automatically.
  • Never miss a call, or an opportunity, again with the call and callback lists.

Calendar and appointments

Appointments are displayed clearly in the week view.
  • Appointments are displayed in either a day, week or month view.
  • A group and resource calendar displays block appointments and utilized resources.
  • You can create recurring, all-day and team appointments in the calendar.
  • With the help of a wizard, you can search for free appointments with more colleagues, or for available resources (meeting rooms, pool cars, projectors, etc.).
  • Changing an appointment is child's play, you simply drag the appointment into an empty calendar slot and it is automatically rescheduled.
  • The check for the overlaps feature informs you when any appointments clash.
  • You can schedule a reminder just before an appointment so you don't forget it, just as you can with reminders for new appointments. If several participants are entered, each participant can individually set or change the reminder.
  • You can also easily integrate appointments from your Outlook Exchange calendar into the CRM software.
  • Using the iCalendar standard, you can invite external persons to appointments and respond to external invitations.

Tasks and follow-ups

In general, you can prioritize, delegate, and categorize tasks, and even use recurrence patterns.
  • The CRM software also manages enquiries, complaints and service enquiries.
  • You can create task templates with reminders and integrate them into your calendar view.
  • In addition, you can delegate tasks to other colleagues or follow them up.
  • And the reminder feature notifies your colleague when the deadline is looming.
  • The progress of a task is displayed graphically as a percent value displayed with a progress bar. You can even view the task's duration.
  • Tasks and follow-ups can be prioritized according to the A-B-C principle.

Intranet and company portal

  • With the optional teamWorks module, you can coordinate all your company's information management processes by saving and distributing knowledge, and making it available to employees and departments across the company.
  • You can find all the information about your employees, for example, contact data, responsibilities, birthdays and capabilities in the employee list. Let's say you don't know how a new employee looks, where they sit, or what their number is? teamWorks can reveal all of this at the touch of a button.
  • Your individualized start page displays, for example, company news, appointments and open tasks.
  • The notice board feature and the discussion forums provide an outlet for employee communication and exchange.
  • Company processes, such as holiday management are standardized.
  • teamWorks works hand-in-hand with the CRM software. Information from both solutions all flows into one central database and can be accessed and used by either teamWorks or CAS genesisWorld.