CRM - what are the benefits?

As well as satisfied customers and employees, CRM supports you in creating long-term customer relationships which guarantees your company maximum success. This very simple formula gives you a real competitive edge and will open doors to new markets.

CRM - the benefits

Optimized networking with centrally stored data

  • All of your departments and employees are joined together in a single system.
  • Integrate all of your existing office, enterprise resource planning and archiving solutions into one central system.
  • Save time by increasing cooperation and direct access to centrally pooled information.
  • Increase your efficiency using structured and automated workflows.
  • Customize your CRM software to suit your changing needs in areas such as workstations, locations and even for remote locations abroad.

Using your customer knowledge profitably

  • The chronological customer dossier forms the cornerstone of professional customer care.
  • The 360° customer view contains: all orders, phone calls, contracts and correspondence, all available at the touch of a button.
  • Recognize hidden potential by analyzing customer profiles.
  • Detailed knowledge of your customers helps you to sensibly plan the further development of your products and services.

Smart sales management

  • Manage your marketing and sales operations according to target groups.
  • All the necessary information on your prospects is always at your fingertips. When you make a recommendation it is always at the right time and can carry the most impact.
  • Special targeting measures such as cross and up-selling help to multiply orders.
  • You can identify sales opportunities early and then make the most of them.

Motivated employees and first-rate service

  • Your employees benefit from the support that a CRM system brings, this relieves them of routine tasks and saves time for other work.
  • As they have all the relevant information at their finger tips your employees can make more informed decisions and increase their efficiency when dealing with customers.
  • Customers notice if your employees are motivated, confident and competent which all helps to increase customer satisfaction.

Pro-active management

  • Always having your finger on the pulse of all active projects supports effective decision making and pro-active management, keeping you firmly in the saddle.
  • CRM software helps you with the forward planning of resources and budgeting as well as providing support for running projects by recording times and costs.
  • Current analyses and efficient accounting always keep you on course.

It is worth investing in professional project management. The organization of your business processes and workflows will improve, and you can save precious time and money.

CRM is essential for small and medium-sized enterprises