Customer acquisition

Successful customer acquisition with an efficient CRM system

In order to meet your customers’ requirements, you have to know your customers. This applies to both customer relations with existing customers and also to new customers. When aiming for long-term success, companies need to focus on customers and their needs. A customer relationship management system (CRM) supports your customer management activities and helps you to maintain sustainable customer loyalty and new customer acquisitions.

Ways of acquiring customers

There are several ways of acquiring new customers, for example by cold calling. Cold calling is trying to acquire new customers, who have not had any contact with your business before. Often cold calling is done via telephone, but can also be done in person. The goal is convincing people of becoming customers. Warm calling is another way of acquiring new customers. Warm calling means that people have already had contact with your business. Warm calling is often more personalised, as some kind of data transfer has already taken place. Depending on what information resources are available, warm calling could also be done via email or other marketing channels.

Useful CRM functions for customer acquisitions

CAS genesisWorld offers various functions for customer acquisition. For example, by placing a contact form on your business website, potential customers can easily send requests or questions, or they could use the form to subscribe to a newsletter. Customer acquisition has never been so easy! You can use leads to record successful customer contacts and sales potentials. These leads can be qualified quickly and with ease and then transferred to address data records and any associated sales opportunities or projects.

Acquire new customers and build sustainable loyalty

By using sales visit reports you can document your customer visits in the blink of an eye. Visit reports are an excellent tool for customer acquisition, for maintaining loyalty, and for winning back customers. You can organise and structure all customer requirements and keep an overview with long-term storage. Another useful function is the Sales Funnel which helps you keep an overview of your sales process and therefore also the status of your customer acquisition. In this way, you can depict the different phases of a sales opportunity such as the information or decision phase, and then make realistic prognoses.

Managing sales and planning security using sales opportunities

Sales opportunities depict the whole sales process, every action with a prospect can be tracked, you can define future activities, make turnover forecasts and identify your most profitable customers. The Sales pro extension provides you with even more support for your sales activities, so that you can create comprehensive analyses of your sales opportunities and reliable forecasts that take factors such as competitors, processes, roles and the influence of all participants into account.

Do you have any questions? We would be delighted to advise on how our CAS genesisWorld CRM system could be implemented for your customer acquisitions. Contact us now for more information!