Sales pro module

Before you visit a customer, do you often find yourself quickly putting together a customer quote or searching for other important product documents? Leave the routine tasks to your CRM software and invest the time you save more wisely, for example, in your customers.

Clever sales management

The Sales pro module extends the functionality found in the standard opportunities and enables comprehensive support of all your sales activities.

Interactive views of your opportunities create clear overviews quickly.
  • Manage all of your prospects using a structured sales process, from the first contact with a prospect through to them becoming a customer.
  • Design your own personal sales structure using Sales pro. Create criteria catalogs, define sales areas or regions, or even actively consider your competitors and store the information you gain in your CRM software.
  • Create reliable forecasts: the module calculates the probability of closing a sale automatically.
  • Evaluate your opportunities anyway you want and display the results in an opportunities view.
  • Create sales reports at the touch of a button.
  • Store information on the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors in opportunities. So that you can always remain flexible and react appropriately.
  • Knowing the decision makers, and their attitudes and influences, makes it easier to win an order. Manage this information in your CRM software.
  • Creating quotes, contracts and invoices with your integrated document management software is child's play.
  • The multi-currency concept supports international sales.
  • Sales pro supports different sales structures such as indirect sales.

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