Unprecedented customer satisfaction
for CAS genesisWorld

In the latest CRM satisfaction study "CRM in Practice: User Satisfaction, Benefits & Prospects 2019/20", published by Trovarit AG, CAS Software AG has received top marks for the fifth time in succession for:

The top customer ratings show just how satisfied our customers are with their CRM solution.

The study shows that CRM users are clearly satisfied with the current CRM solutions and providers. The survey respondents see the benefits of CRM in corporate practice in particular in:

  • improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty thanks to CRM (72% of respondents)
  • simplified customer acquisition with the help of CRM (40% of respondents)
  • seamless traceability of relevant data in CRM systems (51% of respondents)
  • quick and easy access to information from CRM solutions (44% of respondents)

Source: Extract from the study "CRM in Practice: User Satisfaction, Benefits & Prospects 2019/20" by Trovarit AG (only in German).