19/01/17Customer satisfaction: “Very good“

Customer satisfaction is given highest priority at CAS Software. This has been confirmed in the current benchpark ranking, a survey conducted among customers and their IT managers.

The recommendation and tendering platform benchpark (operating in German-speaking countries) gathers feedback on experiences made by customers with their CRM providers. It then creates company profiles with benchmarks of the 6 most important areas. The main criterion of the benchmark comparison is the customer's satisfaction with their CRM software and with services from the last 18 months. Only those participants/companies which actually have hands-on experience can help benchmarking the program.

When compared to its competitors, CAS Software clearly stands out in the areas of SME compatibility, fast information exchange and interface/flexibility. Various reasons for CAS Software to receive the “Customer satisfaction: very good“ benchpark seal of approval.

Please go to www.benchpark.com/crm.htm for more information.