21/06/21Digital Office Index: One year of Corona – what has changed?

Awareness of the economic benefits of digitalization and the importance of digital technologies has been heightened in the minds of many over the past year: Only 12 percent of companies with 20 or more employees still have doubts about digitalization, according to the results of Bitkom's special Digital Office Index survey. Now it is a matter of driving digitalization forward in practice as well and not letting doubts put the brakes on.

Corona spreads doubt in digitalization

Digital processes boost profitability and help through tough times

"Companies with digitalized processes make the transition to the digital office faster and get through tough times better,"

says Marcus Bär, member of the board of the Digital Office Steering Committee at Bitkom e.V. and member of the management team at CAS CRM. It is obvious that analog processes hinder working from home or while on the road and thus inhibit profitability.

Digitalization helps companies in the pandemic

This is precisely why the digitalization of business and administrative processes has become more important for 95 percent of the companies surveyed, because digital technologies such as a CRM/XRM solution help companies successfully navigate their way out of the pandemic and emerge stronger.

"It's not a matter of digitalizing all business processes overnight, but rather conducting a meaningful analysis and driving forward the digital transformation step-by-step. Putting on the customer's glasses regularly to discover optimization gaps in the processes, because although digital technologies make our work easier and more efficient, business is always done between people,"

says Marcus Bär. With a CRM/XRM solution, you get digital access to all important customer data to provide optimal service - anytime, anywhere. Versatile interfaces to ERP, CPQ or ECM solutions also support your employees in creating an ideal customer journey even from the digital office. But the most important thing is that a CRM/XRM solution frees up your time for what really matters - your customers.

The digital office is now more widespread

Strengthening resilience, unleashing full potential
Digital technologies are already in use at 93 percent of the companies surveyed, but often the full potential is not exploited. In addition to document digitalization and workflow management, digital solutions are also popular for electronic archiving and document management. On the other hand, they are not widely used for document generation, cross-departmental research of company information or digital signatures. Yet our data is already highly networked: corporate information is publicly accessible and can be viewed transparently.

"With the company dossier, for instance, we offer our customers a 360 degree view of all company information to rediscover relationships, minimize research time and successfully generate new leads. In addition, the electronic signature on digital documents provides speed and more efficiency, which helps customers to make decisions more rapidly while they are still in the meeting appointment"

says Marcus Bär. So, in order to strengthen the profitability of companies and resilience, it is important to gradually unleash the full potential of digital assistants in all areas, because the opportunities are there, they just need to be used.

Communication and collaboration in the digital office
Collaboration tools allow for more flexibility in how teams work together in the digital office and thus form the basis for successful remote working. In particular, collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams or Slack for internal and external communication and collaboration continue to advance as a way not only to communicate with each other, but also to work together on documents or projects at any time and from anywhere. With a CRM/XRM solution as a central data platform, you offer your employees the ideal tool to access important data across departments and remotely or to gain a transparent view of project statuses via a Kanban view. And when used In combination with intelligent interfaces, work becomes even easier: With our new version CAS genesisWorld x13 (release summer 2021), we have optimized the connection to Microsoft Teams for our customers, so that appointments and video conferences can now be organized more quickly and started even more easily - directly from CAS genesisWorld.

Numerous obstacles on the way to the digital office

Data protection - meeting the high requirements
In many companies, a lack of standards, high data protection requirements, and security concerns are mistakenly hampering digitalization. With CRM, in particular, you create optimal conditions for implementing the GDPR and protecting your customer data. Trustworthy and digitally sovereign software is especially important for companies and employees in the mobile and digital office, which is why our CRM/XRM solutions - "Hosted & Made in Germany" - meet the highest data protection requirements.

A multi-level rights system regulates the individual access rights for each employee and for each individual data record. In this way, personal data is processed in compliance with the law and access by unauthorized persons is prevented.

And digital skills are also important for driving forward the digitalization strategy in the company, but not necessarily decisive.

"What you can't do alone, we can do together,"


says Marcus Bär. With our proven and field-tested implementation method, we guarantee you a successful CRM/XRM implementation - even without distinctive IT competencies.


For sustainable success: Be bold, invest in digital technologies!
Do not let your concerns slow you down! Dare to take the step, come back stronger from the crisis and invest in sustainable business success with CRM/XRM. Our certified CAS partners and we are always available to advise you and will be happy to accompany you on the road to digitalization.

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