22/09/23CRM + AIA®, the perfect assistant for the hybrid working environment

The hybrid workplace has become the norm. We are at home, on the road or in the office – sometimes we use the smartphone, sometimes the tablet, often the laptop and occasionally several devices at the same time. In order to ensure excellent service and successful business relationships, we need to be well informed at all times and work without losing data.

Sandra Klincov

We spoke to Sandra Klincov, Executive Manager of the SmartDesign DevelopmentCenter at CAS Software AG to find out how CRM + AIA® creates a positive user experience while simultaneously designing efficient, transparent and customer-centric processes.

The new main version x15 of CAS genesisWorld is all about "successful fan relationships". What do you see as the highlights of the CRM + AIA® solution?
I would say the software tools that make our customers' daily work easier and help them create successful fan relationships. In the hybrid world of work in particular, it is important to be well informed anytime and anywhere to ensure the continuity of good service. That's why, for example, the Customer Relationship Assistant is one of the highlights of the new version x15 of CAS genesisWorld. The Customer Relationship Assistant makes customer-specific changes such as sales trends more transparent based on extensive reference values. In addition, for excellent relationship management, the individual customer satisfaction can be determined using the integrated fan principle from the 2HMforum.

Another great new feature: Our intelligently networked SmartTags, which can add more information to contact and other data record types. This allows us to communicate even more precisely with customers and prospects. For example, the dynamic SmartTags show which products and/or newsletters the customer is interested in, creating the best conditions for individual relationship management.

Other essential features for efficient work include the user-specific and individual dashboards as well as the agile board views – for me personally, these count among the highlights of our CRM + AIA® solutions. You can access data through the dashboard using individual key performance indicator widgets. This data is presented in a meaningful and target-oriented manner, thus providing an important decision-making basis for excellent, customer-specific service. In addition, the agile board views provide users with a transparent and graphical overview of all important information on tasks and projects for successful teamwork.

The SmartDesign® technology driving our CRM + AIA® solutions creates a modern and consistent look and feel. This enables intuitive use of CAS genesisWorld or SmartWe on all devices and creates inspiring usability that is also important when working from anywhere.

So, CAS genesisWorld x15 not only provides smart functions for efficient work, but also numerous functions that facilitate hybrid work and decentralized team collaboration.


Powerful software solutions must be adaptive and flexible to meet individual business models as well as user needs, how do we succeed?
Our SmartDesign® technology makes this possible: it ensures that our CRM + AIA® solutions are user-friendly, flexible and adaptive. Companies can easily adapt CAS genesisWorld to their industry-specific requirements, which are equally effective for all SmartDesign® clients on different end devices. For example, individual views, dashboards and apps can be easily modeled via the App Designer without any programming knowledge. Users thus benefit from the freedom to individually design their ideal work environment. Additionally, enterprise-wide templates can be easily rolled out for efficient processes. We also benefit greatly from close contact with our customers, because we are always informed about market changes. This helps us develop innovation that truly supports customer-centric working and sustainably strengthens our customers' growth.

Comprehensive interfaces underscore the flexibility and adaptivity of our CRM + AIA® solutions. Using CAS' own OpenSync framework, a wide range of business tools and third-party solutions can be seamlessly integrated under the CAS genesisWorld interface. This prevents data silos and all customer-relevant data from ERP and DMS solutions, for example, is available in the CRM system consistently and transparently providing a 360-degree view of all customer interactions. Now, with the MS Teams integration, meetings can be organized and started directly from CAS genesisWorld. 

The extraordinary, intuitive and modern SmartDesign® simply makes the workplace more enjoyable and at the same time ensures customer-centric processes. Just give it a try, it's worth it.


Artificial intelligence: Where do we encounter it in daily (customer) relationship management with our CRM + AIA® solutions?
According to our philosophy, AI should support users in their decision-making with suggestions that make sense. That is why we always speak of Augmented Intelligence Assistants (AIA®). These thinking assistants support users along the entire customer journey and help with process optimization as well as advising and supporting customers. The AI-based Picasso search, for example, analyses individual user behavior to help users find everything they need quickly and at any time.

We strive to constantly expand our software solutions with new assistants that support users in their daily tasks. It is important to us that the thinking assistants only prepare and provide data, because in the end, we humans make the decisions that ensure sustainable success.


Finally, an insider tip: What can we look forward to in the future in order to be even more successful in the hybrid-working environment?
No matter what we do, data protection is paramount, especially in the mobile and hybrid-working world. Our CRM + AIA® solutions are certified as software "Made and Hosted in Germany" and have been awarded the fair.digital seal. With the new 2-factor authentication, we provide privacy-compliant solutions for secure log ons. We are also further developing the e-mail campaign assistant to provide personalized messages at the touch of a button. In the future, further filter options, SmartTags and the connection to the We.Network will take communication to a new level.

CRM + AIA® solutions are and remain must-haves for successful relationship management. Companies should enjoy safety, security and peace of mind when using CAS genesisWorld - no matter where it is used. We promote digitally sovereign working and strengthen the future security of companies with our flexible and adaptive software solutions. These enable our customers to react quickly and flexibly to market changes or boldly meet new challenges with their CRM + AIA® solution from CAS Software AG - and they can do this without having to invest heavily in software customizations while ensuring their sustainable success.

One last insider tip: On October 18, 2023 we are holding the DigitalForum CRM, where you can learn more about digitalization, successful fan relationships, and the latest CRM trends and developments. We would be delighted to welcome you digitally. The participation is free of charge.


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