26/06/15Fascinatingly simple, mobile and reliable: CAS genesisWorld in the new x7 version

With the release of the new x7 version, CAS genesisWorld now supports the corporate implementation of Customer Centricity in companies. Numerous new functions enable users to get started with a professional Customer Relationship Management tool quickly and guarantee reliable and secure processes when working with customer data. Highlights include: a new radial menu that allows access to the most frequently used functions, the CAS SmartSearch search engine now in its second generation as well as the unique CAS SmartDesign® Technology plus new apps and functions.

"Nowadays, customer-oriented companies are all looking for CRM & xRM solutions which are just as easy to operate intuitively on tablets and smartphones as when running on desktop PCs and laptops, as well as wearable devices like SmartWatches", explains Martin Hubschneider, CEO, CAS Software AG. "Another crucial factor for companies is the peace of mind of knowing that the solutions they are using are reliable with respect to dealing with sensitive customer data. And as 'Software made in Germany', the new x7 version of CAS genesisWorld offers both helpful functions and the highest levels of data security ‒ even in the Cloud."

Radial menu for quick access
CAS genesisWorld supports the implementation of Customer Centricity with its clear, user-friendly operation, making the management of individual relationships fascinatingly easy. The CAS radial menu is another striking new feature in the x7 version. The context-sensitive menu revolves around customers and enables users to quickly access all relevant information, for example, at key times like during or after a customer meeting.

This enables companies to make better use of their network potential and profit from the opportunities which CAS genesisWorld offers.

CAS SmartDesign® technology now includes more apps and new functions
The CAS SmartDesign® technology ensures seamless mobile working by providing continuity of look and feel across platforms as well as a user-friendly user interface. Regardless of whether you are using a Windows, Android, iOS or BlackBerry based device ‒ the apps adapt to the different sized user interfaces of smartphones and tablets, for example, the Windows 8, flat design. The apps include new functions in the areas of: Products & Receipts, Service, Support, Project Management, Time recording and Resource plans - all of which work across clients.

CAS SmartSearch 2.0: finds your customer information intelligently
SmartSearch 2.0 is a unique feature of our CRM systems. This intelligent search engine now in its second generation is very forgiving of typing errors and makes searching a breeze by utilizing the search-as-you-type feature. Searching the entire database within seconds, the program returns the search results from addresses, documents, appointments, e-mails, and other, clearly sorted according to the user's personal preferences. The CAS genesisWorld rights system still applies to smart searches thus ensuring that your sensitive customer data remains protected.

Appointment invitations made easy
We support the iCalendar standard which is very helpful when arranging appointments. Consequently, you can invite external people listed in your CAS genesisWorld contacts to shared appointments. Likewise, incoming appointments from prospects and customers can be confirmed directly in CAS genesisWorld.

Internationalization: CRM & xRM in 11 languages
The new x7 version is now also available in Portuguese, thus increasing the number of available language packages for our product range to 11 and marking the further expansion into more international markets.

Overview of the new functions