CAS genesisWorld x9 with new functions for better customer relations

How will you shape your business relationships in future so that they are more customer-centric, secure and user-friendlier than ever before? CAS Software presents smart functions and innovative features of its CRM solution CAS genesisWorld – for better customer interaction and relations. CAS Software AG is the German CRM market leader for Small and medium sized Enterprises with more than 30 years of experience in Customer Relationship Management.

"With our software you can digitalize and consequently accelerate all of your company processes while at the same time aligning them with the needs and wishes of the customers", says Mircea Prelipceanu, Head of International Sales. 


The first CRM solution with a fan principle

CAS Software AG will be revealing the latest version of their CAS genesisWorld CRM solution. CAS genesisWorld x9 is the first CRM software solution to offer integrated fan principle functionality. Invented and developed by the German market research and consulting company forum! the fan principle measures, quantifies and visualizes the emotional loyalty of your customers. Fans and followers whose loyalty to the company is exceptionally high can be recognized at a glance. Furthermore, you can identify customers looking to switch away and provides the opportunity to regain their loyalty.


App Designer: Create your own apps in just 20 minutes!

The App Designer enables users to develop their own CRM apps very quickly without any programming knowledge. The new mobile apps are more customizable than ever before, providing users with more freedom while mobile - and now there is even an offline mode. Other features include: new dashboard elements, mobile apps and even a unique radial menu.


Optimum sales support – on- and offline

On-the-go access to all relevant data and the ability to efficiently create and edit contacts and information help to boost your sales activities and increase the success. CAS genesisWorld x9 enables you to record and modify any data not only online but also offline. Once a connection is available at a later time, the newly recorded data is automatically updated. All upcoming appointments and current contacts are presented smartly, providing easy access to all necessary information when visiting customers.


Easy to use for an optimized user experience

The CAS SmartDesign® technology, an internationally unique feature, has been further enhanced for this new version x9 of CAS genesisWorld. The standardized user interfaces adapt responsively to a variety of operating systems, platforms and mobile devices. The results and benefits for users: exceptional user friendliness and the best user experience when working with CAS genesisWorld.


More highlights of x9

The new version also includes numerous sales support functions, for example, enhanced functions in the sales module, the time-saving Microsoft Outlook add-in and the CAS SmartSearch internal search engine with its new function as an intuitive link wizard. In addition, the modular CRM & xRM solution CAS genesisWorld is supplemented with new functions in modules such as Survey or Helpdesk. CAS genesisWorld x9 is available in 11 languages.


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