Contact Management Software

Without any form of contact management, important contact data can get lost in many areas of your business. Either the data is lost deep down in an employee’s e-mail inbox which you cannot access, or the data is on a business card that can easily get lost in the office. No contact management means spending valuable time searching for addresses, telephone numbers, and business cards in order to react to customer needs. In the worst case you may lose customers due to inefficient customer care. With a professional customer management software, you no longer have to rely on e-mails and business cards, but can collect and maintain all necessary data in one place.

Characteristics and advantages of contact management software 

When using contact management software (e.g. as part of a CRM system), your business can benefit from several advantages, such as:

  • collecting, storing, editing/updating, and easily finding centrally stored customer data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.).
  • keeping track of all appointments and documents. As all data is saved centrally, editing data can be done by anyone in your business without creating duplicate files. This makes sharing and synchronising information very easy, all vital data is always up to date.
  • e-mail integration. This allows you to easily transfer data from e-mails to your contact management software.
  • conversation management. Keep track of your message history with certain customers and identify sales potentials.
  • mobile access. If your contact management software is a cloud-based solution, your sales team can access all necessary information with their mobile devices.

Using contact management software for lead management in your business

 Using a contact management software to manage your customer data is great, but using the software to manage sales opportunities is even better.

Lead management is systematically turning potential customers into actual paying customers. The marketing team generates leads (e.g. through marketing campaigns) which are taken over by the sales team. In order to organise all relevant data along the process from sales lead to paying customer, it is important to continuously keep your customer data up to date and to analyse the actions and reactions of the sales lead. Lead management can help generate further leads, offer added value, and optimise response rates. 

Our streamlined CRM software is the basis for effective contact management and lead management in your business. The CRM system CAS genesisWorld incorporates all necessary features for successful contact management, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.