Effective customer relationship management with CRM software

  • CRM industry solution specially tailored to IT products and services
  • Automated address maintenance enables cross-departmental working
  • Access to all data, including when mobile, via smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Continually upgradeable software solution which will integrate easily into your ERP systems
  • Already being successfully used by many IT companies

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This is what our customers say

CAS IT Services helped us to increase our awareness of services, streamline our business processes and in turn reducing costs, making us more competitive.

Markus Hengstenberg, Managing Partner and Co-founder of oraïse GmbH

Working with CAS IT Services CRM software positively impacts all our business processes and we cannot imagine of doing without it in our company.

Ingo Kubatschka, Managing Director K-iS Systemhaus GmbH & Co. KGv


The companies are already using CAS IT Services

Assure long-term customer loyalty with professional IT CRM software

Customer service is the key to success, especially when marketing products requiring explanation. Customers place high demands in terms of the support they expect: All staff must have the right solutions to hand at all times, and be provided with precise details of the customer's history. The CAS IT Services IT CRM software not only improves the quality of customer advice, it also makes processes in IT companies more efficient. With extensive features such as intelligent address management and multi-project planning and management, companies always have an overview of all their customer projects.

High-level customer relationship management with CAS IT Services

The CAS IT Services IT CRM software from CAS Software AG is designed specially to meet the needs of IT companies. The solution provides small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide with effective long-term customer management. With CAS genesisWorld as the basis, selling potential can now be optimally exploited: All customer details are collated in just one file, and are routinely updated by all staff – not only when in the office, but equally easily when out and about.

Not just making CRM more efficient

CAS IT Services enables cross-departmental customer acquisition and consulting as well as project planning, all through a single software interface:

  • Targeted structuring and implementation with the planning and control system
  • Plan and assign resources within the company with just a few clicks
  • Use project dashboards to keep a constant overview of ongoing projects
  • Answer recurring questions quickly based on the FAQ knowledge database
  • Plan and implement multi-stage marketing campaigns with precision targeting

No need to combine multiple different systems: CAS IT Services offers you a single software solution to provide optimum customer support at all times, assure long-term customer loyalty, and simplify your CRM processes.

CAS IT Services on your iPad

Find out more, and discover the benefits of CAS IT Services

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