Relationships with customers are currently under massive threat. Digital channels are used more and more and familiar communication suffers. Digitalization has become a reality at astonishing speed - and every company must ask itself now at the latest: How well is our customer management positioned? How customer-centric do we think and work? This is the basis for sustainable success.

In the webinar, Thomas Hamele, renowned expert for CRM and Digital Transformation, and Managing Partner of BCM. Best Customer Management, explains the 8 important dimensions of customer management every company should now have in mind and how a CRM.Check Customer Excellence can help.

You will learn about:

  • The 8 most important dimensions in customer management - in a 360-degree view.
  • Which levers you need to turn in order to strengthen customer loyalty during the crisis and prevent, for example, customer churn.
  • How the right tools and processes can help you acquire and develop new customers.
  • How you can win back customers you thought were lost, using the right measures.
  • How excellent customer management helps to reduce costs, increase revenue and improve efficiency.
  • How you can be one of the champions during the crisis.

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 Tuesday, 16 November 2021               3:00-3:45 pm

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