New in version x9

With CAS genesisWorld x9, put your customers in the spotlight with numerous new functions to help you implement the WIN-WIN Customer Centricity corporate philosophy and generate genuine customer enthusiasm. 

Modern, consistent, intuitive - the new look & feel on Web and mobile

With an extensive facelift, CAS genesisWorld x9 feels particularly modern and uniform in both the Web client and the mobile app, with the new look & feel featuring optimized interfaces and smart toolbars that represent a new standard in user-friendliness. Appropriate x9 apps based on SmartDesign® for all commonly used mobile platforms ensure that CAS genesisWorld also offers a unique user experience outside of the office.

Easy to use for an optimized user experience 

The CAS SmartDesign® technology, an internationally unique feature, has been further enhanced for this new version x9 of CAS genesisWorld. The standardized user interfaces adapt responsively to a variety of operating systems, platforms and mobile devices. The minimalist design language lets the user focus on the most important details. This latest version provides exceptional user friendliness and the best user experience when working with CAS genesisWorld.The CAS SmartDesign® technology, an internationally unique feature, has been further enhanced for this new version x9 of CAS genesisWorld.

The fan principle – a gauge for the emotional loyalty of your customers

The only way to keep your business on a success path and actively work towards improvements is to be familiar with the quality of your customer relationships, and CAS genesisWorld x9 is the first CRM & xRM solution in the world to place the emotional factors of customer relationships at the forefront with its integrated fan system. It allows individual emotional loyalty and customer satisfaction to be evaluated and visually represented using the fan portfolio. Fans and followers whose loyalty to the company is exceptionally high can be found at a glance. At the same time, it lets you identify customers looking to switch away and provides the opportunity to regain their loyalty. 

Flexibly customizable 

The benefit of SmartDesign® technology is particularly apparent in the customization options. For instance, customer-specific apps can be created and offered for global access for the relevant platforms – both for the Web client and in the mobile app. With the App Designer, custom apps can be created without any programming knowledge. Use formulas to represent complex business workflows with ease, and place customer-specific information usefully in a data record. This shows how user interfaces can be optimized to your needs and fields can be added as needed – both offline and online. Your local CAS genesisWorld partner will also help you to define app groups, customize your dashboard and integrate customized HTML apps.

Optimum sales support – also while on the move

On-the-go access to all relevant data and the ability to efficiently create and edit contacts and information help boost your sales activities and increase the success of your workforce. CAS genesisWorld x9 enables you to record and modify any data offline. Once a connection is available at a later time, the newly recorded data is automatically updated. Likewise, users of the new version can store individual favorites offline and access them. All upcoming appointments and current contacts are presented smartly, providing easy access to all necessary information when visiting customers.

Card view

In addition to the list view for addresses, users can also optionally have these displayed in a card view. This provides ideal support for your field sales team when planning visits, for instance, allowing them to plan their sales activities in detail.

Additional sales opportunities

CAS genesisWorld x9 expands the potential for additional sales opportunities considerably, allowing optional product items to be added at any time. Version x9 also offers the option of adding alternative product descriptions to individual products. This enables smart and efficient information processing and storage to assist your sales personnel as they engage with customers directly. Open Sync provides a new way of connecting with ERP systems. Products and documents can be transferred from any ERP system to CAS genesisWorld, adding ERP-related data to views of customer relationships, projects and tasks.

More highlights of x9 

Users who use Microsoft Outlook to handle their e-mails can access the dossier of their contacts in CAS genesisWorld directly from Outlook, providing them with an up-to-date overview of correspondence and activities most recently conducted with the contact in question. SmartSearch allows contacts and documents to be found in the blink of an eye, enabling a relationship to be established with them with ease. Existing CAS genesisWorld modules such as Easy Invoice are enhanced with new functions and features. The same is true of other modules such as Survey, Helpdesk and many more


Impressed with the new functions?

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