CAS genesisWorld x13 - Your intelligent CRM + AIA: efficient, transparent and connected

With CAS genesisWorld x13 you can create your Mobile Office efficient, transparent and connected. The new functions offer everything you would expect from an integrated CRM solution: digital processes, automated workflows, unique customer proximity, as well as seamless teamwork across all boundaries.

Experience digital freedom every day

Utilize the fundamental strengths of the integrated, interconnected CRM solution and experience digital freedom on all devices every day with CAS genesisWorld x13. Customize your CRM to fit your personal needs and requirements.

Augmented Intelligence Assistants (AIA) save time and efficiently support you in your daily tasks: the opportunity wizard accelerates your lead management and enables a higher completion rate.

Based on your previous search behavior, the AI-based Picasso search provides the desired information even quicker than before - so that the long search is over.

Make teamwork fascinatingly easy

With CAS genesisWorld x13, your teamwork becomes even more efficient, focused, and customer-oriented. The new features support you by making teamwork across the distance easier.

With the new integrated board view, you create the ideal framework for collaborative teamwork in the form of a kanban board. With its graphical visualization of processes, you establish full transparency and can better trace the status of tasks, jobs, and other activities.

With smoother processes as well as continuous customizations and optimizations, you can, for example, sustainably improve your work results. Thereby, the integrated board view leads to a noticeable increase in efficiency and more joy in teamwork.

And what's more: to ease teamwork across the spatial distance, you can plan and initiate online meetings via Microsoft Teams directly in CAS genesisWorld.

Data protection and digital sovereignty - no ifs and buts

The protection of your data is a fundamental component of our CRM/XRM solution. Particularly in times of mobile and digital offices, trustworthy software is the basic prerequisite for any company and their employees to achieve legally watertight processes in compliance with data protection regulations.

Certified with the new "" quality seal and honored with the "Software Made & Hosted in Germany" award, CAS genesisWorld represents data security - no ifs and buts.

Further highlights of CAS genesisWorld x13

  • You can look forward to a fresh user interface with our newly designed app icons. Thanks to CAS SmartDesign® technology, you can find the new "Look and Feel" consistently on all devices.

  • With the CAS genesisWorld Mobile App, you are even more flexible while en route. The new "Offline dossier" function enables you to access all important customer data without a connection to the internet while on the go.

  • You need the customer's signature for a service job or an order? Now, you can let customers sign PDF documents directly on location in the CAS genesisWorld Mobile App.

  • From customer appointments to regularly scheduled meetings or vacation planning within your teams: create custom calendar views for a quick overview. Thus, you can save your most important calendar views including the participants and used view format (day, week, or month view) to quickly access them at any time.

Discover the CRM/XRM freedom in the new tutorials

Take a look at the CAS CRM exclusive tutorials on the new CAS genesisWorld x13 version highlights and get excited for the many new features that will make your daily work even more efficient.

x13 version highlights in CAS genesisWorld Web

Enjoy digital freedom and quickly and easily establish transparent and seamless teamwork. Let the smart wizards and SmartActions help you to optimize the efficiency of your daily routines.

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x13 version highlights in CAS genesisWorld mobile app

Enjoy digital freedom anywhere and anytime. Using the CAS genesisWorld mobile app, you can get digital signatures anytime and can access important data even while offline.

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x13 version highlights in the App Designer

Enjoy digital freedom and customize your CRM to fit your individual needs - flexible, easy, and efficient.

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x13 version highlights in CAS genesisWorld Desktop

Enjoy digital freedom and make customer interaction even more efficient: For example, organize Microsoft Teams meetings directly in CAS genesisWorld.

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