CAS genesisWorld x12 - Shape your digital workspace with CRM

With CAS genesisWorld x12, you get the best possible start into shaping your digital space. The new functions help you to create optimal customer relationships in sales, marketing, and service and promote company-wide efficient cooperation. We're sure you'll be impressed by the new CAS genesisWorld version.

Create exciting customer experiences, increase emotional loyalty

Enjoy the freedom of working with the same CRM look & feel whether you are in the office, at home, or on the go. Use tablets, smartphones, smart watches & Co. to stay in touch with customers and keep an overview of important information, online or offline. Activate the widgets on your mobile devices to access CAS genesisWorld even faster on the go.

Using the integrated XRM client for Microsoft Outlook, you gain instant access to the customer dossier via the sidebar. Using the action menue, you can, for example, attach linked data records to the current e-mail. 


Organize your video calls or online events by selecting potential participants in CAS genesisWorld, inviting them via personalized e-mails, and starting targeted surveys after the event.

Using the mobile caller identification functions, you can now see on your iOS device which customer is calling you. Display current customer information on your smartphone before and during the phone call.

Strengthen teamwork and increase efficiency

With the new timeline view, you can display time-related data records such as appointments, jobs, tasks, holidays, etc. in a graphical overview. 

When processing service calls, the integrated team planning map view supports you in keeping an overview of your team. Identify and send the employee closest to the customer's location to answer the service call.

Use the new smart actions to change multiple data records simultaneously. The drag and drop function is even more efficient and supports you in uploading documents. 

The SmartSearch functions are now also available in link fields. You can select linked data records according to the search-as-you-type principle.

Duplicating functions: ease processes and work more efficiently as you can use existing data records as templates for new data records.

Targeted analysis and informed decisions

Using the dashboard designer and graphical views, you can customize your dashboards. Thereby, all relevant KPIs can be accessed by one click, are immediately visible through color-highlighting, and provide the basis for your informed decisions.

In reports, you can create pivot tables from lists and easily analyze them using drilldown methods. 

Combined filters enable you to filter and sort your customers for optimal targeted communication. Identify your top customers, for example, according to most turnover, a specific company size, or any other criteria.

Your intelligent CRM - digitally sovereign and in compliance with data protection

Intelligent wizards help you to structure and organize your opportunities and e-mail campaigns using automatic processes so that you can focus on what's most important to you: your customers. 

Data protection is a fundamental component of our software product. Which is why CAS genesisWorld has once again been awarded the "Software Made & Hosted in Germany" quality seal of approval. The same level of data protection also applies for the more than 200 further third-party system integrations provided by our certified CAS Partners.

More x12 highlights

  • Integrate any third-party solution, for example, collaborative solutions into your individual system infrastructure using the CAS OpenSync framework - providing seamless integration and digital sovereignty.

  • The CAS CardScanner is now directly integrated in CAS genesisWorld. Scanning business cards of your conversation partners and directly saving them as contacts in your CRM has never been easier. Thereby, basic support of MDM (Mobile Device Management) functionalities is provided.

  • You now have access to even more possibilities using the extended scripting functions of the App Designer. The new translation editor comfortably eases language management.

  • With the extended participant management functions, cooperation with external contacts and within your teams becomes easier. Delegate an organizer if external participants are invited to an appointment.

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