Marketing pro module

Marketing campaigns start with clever ideas, which have to be carefully prepared and somehow implemented. Follow-up actions also have an impact on the success, or otherwise, of a targeted marketing campaign.

What does a marketing campaign look like in Marketing pro?

Planning your marketing campaigns has never been easier.

From its conception to the follow-up actions, the Marketing pro module effectively supports you throughout your campaign. You work with current addresses from your CRM system and record all customer reactions directly in CAS genesisWorld.

  • Marketing campaigns are created as separate data record types in CAS genesisWorld. You plan all the phases of your marketing campaigns directly in your CRM system.
  • The graphical campaign designer provides you with a visualization of your campaign and ensures a structured view from the outset.
  • You specify costs for the individual campaign actions, which can all be included in later evaluations.
  • Addresses can be added or removed from views or distribution lists using the search or drag-and-drop functions, or alternatively, you can use buttons to add or remove them from target groups.
  • Capture customer reactions directly in the address data records or phone calls, so that for example, this information is then also available for sales and service support employees.
  • You run follow-up campaigns directly from the Marketing pro module.

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