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How many fans would you say you had amongst your customers? Customers who are very satisfied with your products and services, who have a close relationship with your company and who, in their enthusiasm, promote your company indirectly as active brand messengers? And do you also know what proportion of your customers feel let down and because of this are thinking of switching brands and companies?

With the forum! module for CAS genesisWorld you can find out exactly how satisfied, or otherwise, your customer are, what their brand and company loyalty looks like, and then categorize them into five different types of customer segment. Segmentation is an important first step and basis for your customer service, this will help you to target your marketing and sales budgets much more efficiently.

With the so-called "fan indicator"®you can gather information on the segmentation of your existing customers. By analyzing the results of a survey, you can determine the level of customer loyalty towards your company as well as overall customer satisfaction. And by considering these two parameters together, various customer types can be identified.

Advantages of the forum! market research module:

  • Surveys of your customers to determine satisfaction and loyalty
  • Automatically order your customers into one of the five customer segments
  • Targeted forms of address and varying levels of customer care depending on the customer group
  • Increase in efficiency of marketing and sales campaigns
  • Promotes recommendations and word-of-mouth endorsements, increases sales, prevents loss of customers and much, much more.
  • Increase the number of fans among your customers

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