ERP connect module

You can manage all your delivery notes, quotes or receipts in your ERP system. However, for more detailed customer information, you will have to consult your CRM system. The ERP connect module forms a bridge between these two systems. As a result, you will be able to view all of your ERP data in your CRM system customer dossier and all without having to switch applications.

Viewing your ERP data in the CRM system is easy

ERP connect is an add-on module that integrates ERP systems with CAS genesisWorld. Essentially, this integration closes the remaining gaps in the loop between, for example, your electronic shop and your ERP system, and between your customer relations and your company resources.

Using ERP connect you can see all the ERP data in your CRM.
ERP Connect module
  • CRM and ERP data are all stored centrally in the customer dossier.
  • You employees can access an overview of all ERP customer information at the touch of a button, this includes for example, invoices and delivery notes or evaluations of open items.
  • Synching addresses with the ERP system is carried out automatically, whenever data in CAS genesisWorld has been changed. This makes data management much easier.
  • You can access delivery notes and copies of invoices directly over your CRM system.
  • Your data is in good hands. The sophisticated rights system in CAS genesisWorld provides the highest levels of data security. So for example, should you wish to restrict access to turnover figures for certain employees, you can do so,

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