Easy Invoice module

How do you create receipts effortlessly? What data do you require to create receipts? Whether from address data records or from opportunities - with Easy Invoice you can create receipts directly in CAS genesisWorld automatically and quickly.

Create professional looking receipts with Easy Invoice

The Easy Invoice module enables you to create professional looking receipts effortlessly. Createing receipts from your data has never been easier, for example, from offers or invoices. Customer information or product items are automatically saved and transferred and then displayed clearly in your receipts.

Create invoices directly from CAS genesisWorld.
  • Create receipts directly from opportunities, addresses or projects
  • A separate Billing tab for a clearer overview
  • Flexible CSV export for your receipts
  • All relevant information required for creating receipts is transferred automatically
  • Flexible cancellation process
  • Customizable configuration of receipt types, terms of payment and taxes
  • Project invoicing of time records or expenses in connection with the Project module

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