Module Duplicate Finder pro

The Duplicate Finder pro module provides you with professional support for managing and resolving your duplicates. The module ensures the high quality of your contact data stock and helps you to save both time and money.

Duplicate Finder pro: you advantages at a glance

Using the Duplicate Finder pro module, duplicates can be detected and eliminated in your contact data quickly and efficiently.
Duplicate Finder pro module

You can check all of your existing addresses using the Duplicate Finder pro module. Different types of duplicates are found using high performance search functionality:

  • Redundant company addresses as well as individual contacts which result in company duplicates
  • Individual contacts who have been entered as company contact persons
  • Redundant contact persons and individual contacts

Uses a default standard search profile to get you started right away. You can configure the Duplicate Finder pro according to your requirements.

  • Customize the lists of contacts you want to check by using filters
  • A phonetical comparison is used to support duplicate searching
  • Synchronize newly imported address data with existing data
  • Customize and save search profiles using your personal preferences.

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