13/08/14"Software Hosted in Germany" – New quality seal of BITMi association benefits from U.S. court decision

Only a few days ago, a U.S. federal court ordered Microsoft to turn over customer data of a suspect. What makes this ruling explosive topic: the data is not stored in the U.S., but on a server of Microsoft’s European subsidiary in Ireland. Heise.de commentator Herbert Braun: " ‘it is a question of who controls the data rather than where it is stored’, the judge commented on her ruling – this sentence should be well remembered by companies, federal institutions and individuals."

Aachen/Berlin, August 13, 2014 - on the occasion of the CeBIT 2014, the "BITMi" (Federal Association of IT for small and medium-sized enterprises) has announced the new "Software Hosted in Germany" quality seal. The criteria for receiving the seal were adopted by an expert council at the end of July. They can be found at www.Software-Hosted-in-Germany.org.

The executive managers of the cloud solution providers voluntarily commit themselves to allow data access only to be governed by German data protection law and guarantee to store data only in data centers located in Germany. The unauthorized disclosure of software or data to third parties is excluded.

Cloud solutions from German data centers becoming more popular
Martin Hubschneider, vice president of BITMi and CEO of the German CRM expert CAS Software AG in Karlsruhe, predicts a growing demand for cloud solutions hosted in German data centers: "Bearing in mind the discussions about the NSA data affair, there is a huge chance for the 'Software Hosted in Germany' seal [to be established] on the world's market. Customers desire German quality, all-round accessibility to their data, a safe future and they want to be able to put their trust into data protection measures - especially when storing their sensitive company data on the Internet."

A high-profile council with renowned scientists
The expert council of the "Software Made in Germany" quality seal includes Ms. Prof. Dr. Irene Bertschek, Ms. Prof. Dr. Annette Weißbecker, Prof. Dr. Bernd Hindel, Prof. Dr. Matthias Jarke and Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche and is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy which acts as a patron for the seal. The council for the "Software Hosted in Germany" quality seal additionally appointed Prof. Dr. Michael Bartsch, a renowned lawyer and founding chairman of "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Recht und Informatik e.V." (The German Association of Law and Informatics). Already more than 180 software solutions of more than 120 companies have received the "Software Made in Germany" quality seal.