08/05/18Cooperation between CAS Software and SC-Networks: all-embracing customer-centric communications for SMEs

How can companies appeal to a continually growing number of customers who place value in personalized relationships and support? Coinciding with the 2018 CeBIT show, Karlsruhe-based CRM specialist CAS Software AG and SC-Networks GmbH in Starnberg have set themselves the joint goal of establishing a new standard in customer-centric communications for small and medium-sized enterprises. Uniquely in Europe, the combination of CRM and Marketing Automation will help SMEs to identify their customers' real needs and wishes even more closely and serve them even more effectively.

In the past, Marketing Automation existed for the most part only within large companies. Small and medium-sized enterprises were unable to attain it owing to its complexity and cost. A cooperation arrangement between two German market leaders – CAS Software AG and Starnberg-based SC-Networks GmbH – has now created a practicable solution combining CRM and Marketing Automation for SMEs.

Marketing and sales – hand-in-hand

The combination of CRM and Marketing Automation enables consistent communication with customers throughout the marketing and sales functions. The right timing is key to targeted development of leads in the sales funnel. It means that potential customers get the information, offers or advice they need in all phases of their decision-making process. New leads are pre-qualified right from the pre-sales stage, and their detailed needs are progressively specified through targeted marketing measures. This allows the sales team to focus even more closely on providing personalized support and advice to potential customers.

Structured approach simplifies dialog with customers

The combination of the Evalanche Marketing Automation tool and the CAS genesisWorld CRM solution places the focus even more strongly on the individual customer relationship. It structures the continually rising number of interactive communication channels, linking them to relevant content which is personalized and consistent.

A faster route to Customer Centricity

CRM, Marketing Automation and Lead Management are continuing to converge. CEO of CAS Software AG Martin Hubschneider is delighted with the cooperation: "In conjunction with SC-Networks, we are looking to provide SMEs with optimum support in appealing to their customers on an emotional level and targeting them in an individual way. This will open up new ways of attaining Customer Centricity – a corporate vision which focuses firmly on the customer. Thanks to its extensive technical integration, our groundbreaking portfolio of solutions will be even more attractive for SMEs throughout Europe."

Turning more leads into selling opportunities

"Batch and blast has been consigned to history. Today companies have to adopt a structured and personalized approach in order to turn leads into more genuine selling opportunities," asserts Martin Philipp, CEO of SC Networks GmbH, in relation to the cooperation arrangement. "We very much look forward to creating a user-friendly tool combining CRM and Marketing Automation based on our cooperation with CAS Software, so as to provide SMEs with optimum support in turning contacts into leads, leads into new customers, and customers into enthusiastic fans."

Compliant with the new EU GDPR

The technical foundation stone of the cooperation is a standardized interface via which both systems – CAS genesisWorld and Evalanche – can be seamlessly interlinked. The result is a centralized platform via which companies can enter their contacts securely and in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), develop them through multiple communication phases into sales leads, and finally convert them into customers. CAS clients can extend their existing CAS genesisWorld CRM solution to incorporate Marketing Automation functionality. The add-on module will be available from summer 2018.